Scruffy Little Sparrow.

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Tilly2 | 14:42 Mon 21st Jan 2013 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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For the past two weeks we have had a sparrow in the garden that hasn't got any feathers on its head or neck. It looks really scruffy and untidy with other feathers sticking out at odd angles.
Do you think it's had a lucky escape from a cat or sparrowhawk or has it got some kind of mangey problem which is causing it to lose its feathers? It eats well and seems to be doing o.k.


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it could have a sexually transmitted desease.......chirpees:-)
21:36 Mon 21st Jan 2013
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Can no one help with my scruffy little sparrow?
Oh tilly, I can't help but just saying hello again, since my previous hellos disappeared xx
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Hello, sibton. Didn't see your previous hellos. Someone kept zapping me!
It does sound as if it's been in a scrap
Just guessing but it could have had a lucky escape as you mention or it could be mites possibly, or a fungal infection or even a fight with a fellow bird. Poor little thing, he must be freezing and might not last much longer if this cold weather continued. Let's hope they grow back again. In the meantime I'm sure you will keep him well fed.
Hi tilly,

Maybe it had an infection or similar, or got into a scrap with a bigger bird, or a lucky escape with a cat?..but if its doing ok now, thats great news. We get loads of birds in our gardens and have been feeding them throughout the snowy weather........we also have two very friendly robins who come right near you and wait whilst we top up the seed containers and then fly about your head waiting to land on day i'll put my hand out....i bet they may just land on my fingers...very sweet :0)
They will if you have some live mealworms in your hand yogi:-)
head & neck ..... seems she's the local bike
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It's a male sparrow, tambo!
yogi - I had one land on my shoulder yesterday after I'd just put out wild bird seed, fat balls and peanuts!
Oh poor litte sparrow! Could be mites birds need head feathers to keep warm. You say he's feeding okay then he might survive as feathers do grow back
ohhh worse

Feed him linseed if poss
I got some of them, ladybirder x......will try it :)

They are in a packet, so not live I take it? We mix it around a bit and offer them different seed and food, so they get spoilt a

Love birds and birdsong........just wish the mutant large seagulls will bog off!
Thats great, spikey :)

Hope one lands on my shoulder one day :)
I hate the seagulls and the magpies, and the bloody pigeons coo-coo-cooing on the roof drive me mad at 530 am! Sorry Tilly2 - forgive me for hi-jacking your question. xx
it could have a sexually transmitted desease.......chirpees:-)
lol carrust....brilliant :)

True, spikey xx....not a great lover of pigeons tbh...magpies are destructive and bullying birds ...but why is it when I spot one.....I look for another quick? for sorrow etc, methinks
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I'll let you all know how he gets on. Thanks for the responses.
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He's been back today. So he's alright at the moment.

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Scruffy Little Sparrow.

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