I am so Chuffed ....

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ladybirder | 23:33 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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because since May last year I have been trying to attract Goldfinches to our garden here. I've tried 3 different nyger seed feeders, one where the seed poured out one end as I poured it in the other. Then one with the holes so small the seed wouldn't come out. About 3 weeks ago I put the latest one up and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 2 lovely goldies feeding from it yesterday. I had never seen any around here so I wasn't sure they'd come but they have and I am so pleased. No question, just wanted to share. X


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Fantastic news Ladybirder. I always wonder how they know don't you?!

They cannot be in the habit of visiting your garden yet as soon as you put the correct food out in the best feeder, they find it straight away. Amazing.
I started putting out niger seed for goldfinches and was rewarded one day when I counted 32 of them on feeders and on the floor. You will notice that they are very messy eaters and all that goes on the floor will be picked up by less fussy birds. I also have a large number of long tailed tits due to niger. They are a joy, but very hard to count as they fidget a lot!
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Yes it is amazing how they know, I hope they tell their mates.
Sir A I just love LTTs they are so pretty and the noise they make when they are all flitting around is unmistakeable.
you will probably get siskins too they love nyger
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Ooh I do hope so rowan.
Hi ladybirder - good news about your goldfinches, we have lots on our feeders here in the Midlands, they all contain only sunflower hearts. We were told last year from an expert that its a fallacy that goldfinches are only attracted to nyger seed, they like sunflower hearts better and we proved it!
I agree Ann.....we don't get many Goldfinches but the ones we do get visiting do prefer sunflower hearts. They take nyger as well but I guess there's less messing with the bigger seed.

They are super little birds though, its lovely you managed to attract them Ladybirder.
How wonderful - they really are beautiful creatures. And now that they've found you, they're sure to be back!
they like lardy teazels even more

melt lard ad some nyger seed and finely chopped sunflower hearts mix well and dip teazel heads into mix when cool tie bunches of the teasels (still on their stalks) uprigt around canes and 'plant' in the ground as if they were still growing... combines a natural food favorite with a high energy feast... all the finches like them
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What a lovely response from you all, thank you. I'm afraid I took them all for granted when I lived in the countryside but I have to work hard to attract different species here. I always have sunflower hearts on offer since the day I moved in but never attracted the Goldfinches here. It's odd because as some of you have said the goldies used to feed as much on the sunflower hearts as they did on the nyger seed where I lived before. Used to get Nuthatches, Blackcaps, Bullfinches, and even Bramblings in the winter, none of which I see now. Mind you we still have our Green Woodpecker so I must count my blessings.
ladybirder - that's great news.
I feel really pleased for you ladybirder. its a great feeling when these gorgeous birds visit our gardens, especially when the Woodpecker appears and climbs up our long pole and onto a long perch then onto the nuts. Brilliant sight to see x
I know how you feel ladybirder...after over 25 years I'd only ever seen one goldfinch for a brief minute. Last year I started putting sunflower hearts out because I was fed up of the mess with the black ones. Before long there was one, then two, then a little group of goldfinches and they've stayed around ever since.

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