the Buzzards are circling

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rowanwitch | 15:59 Sat 10th Mar 2012 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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on a walk this morning to llanfair p.g at least 5 buzzards circling overhead. I suggested Redman pretended to be dead to attract them down but he wasn't keen


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Hi Lottie!

Rowan's man? He has a butler? Aristocracy on AB - better than Downton!
22:18 Sat 10th Mar 2012
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Is Redman your dog, rowan? Lovely name if it is.

I know buzzards are common, but they are one of my favourite birds and like you Toes, just love their call - so evocative. Some think the call is sad, but for me it lifts my spirits.
We have them in the wood which backs the fields behind our house and spend a lot of time watching them from the conservatory. Mr LL was out with the dog this morning and said there were a fair few of them circling above them. He also came across three deer.

Hi Cetti!!

Redman is Rowan's man!!
We live in North Norfolk by the way.
We have several near me , they are a favourite of mine too and I love listening to them
Cetti, redman's rowan's OH....
Are buzzards scavengers? I thought that was vultures. Which takes longer, by the way, to walk to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychrwyndrobwllllanty
or to say it?
Hi Lottie!

Rowan's man? He has a butler? Aristocracy on AB - better than Downton!
Rowan is a Lady!!!!
The gamekeepers have decimated birds of prey in North Yorkshire over the years though the Forestry Commission have done a lot to encourage diversity.
Our morning ramble along the sea cliffs was enlivened by the last of the winter's curlews and a couple of black throated divers en route to breeding grounds. Oh, and our peregrine falcons over the castle.
Oh Dear.... Sorry rowan, I didn't know! Still think it's a lovely name, though.
If it takes you that long to say it Mike, you are a Saesneg!(English) lol.
I live just about a mile away, if that, from a Hawk and Owl Trust reserve, which is great!! Fortunately, the gamekeepers are too worried now about shooting the birds of prey, and I love the fact that at the other side of the wood is a pheasant nursery!! Far prefer the buzzards and marsh harriers to feast of the young pheasants than they end up being shot for sport!!!
Poisoning is a worse problem here Lottie.
Yes that too Seadogg!! Dreadful. Totally disturbs the balance of nature too.
I had a bit of a shock last week. There seemed to be a lot of white feathers (I thought the angels were leaving them for me) but it was a sparrowhawk at the bottom of the garden perched on an edging stone. The source of the feathers was one of the collared doves which nest in the lleylandii at the end of the garden. The bird was nearly as big as the sparrow hawk but it was tightening its claws around the poor bird and then flew off with it.
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Redman now known as Fido and I are still giggling...
I just love birds of prey hopefully will get a few raptors today while out in Conwy.

Its ok Cetti... see Redmans face when he sees a plate of food and you could mistake him for a hungry bulldog....

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the Buzzards are circling

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