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Robinia | 11:52 Fri 18th Nov 2011 | Twitching & Birdwatching
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Have yours dwindled? I know they usually disappear for a while after the summer but it's quietest autumn I can remember in my garden and I've just had this link in an email from the RSPB..

It has been lovely weather here in Derbyshire so I expect they're all out sight seeing. It's ok though, I've got quite a good stock building up for when they return by the coachload :o)


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Well you can keep them a little while longer 2sp's, it's giving me a chance to get a good food stock :o)
It's lovely to have sparrows, they make me smile & they're almost the only ones to have stayed around, probably because they get an endless supply of sunflower hearts, mealworms & some pink suet which they've become quite partial to. The blackies have started to reappear so I'll soon be getting through a ton of raisins a week :o)
I haven't seen a reed bunting since last winter, I hope they come back.
Been very quiet in my garden too, but they are slowly starting to come back. Blue and Great Tit are back and feeding a little, as are the Blackbirds and Thrush. Crows and Wood pigion never left!

Never get any Sparrows or Starlings which is really sad, but did get two Yellow Wagtail this week (not on the feeders)

Sounds like hundreds of Tawney Owls around, a few, one male in particular very close, but still never seen one, so close and yet so far!

Still sure they'll all be arriving soon, so stocking up on grub.
Have had loads of finches mostly goldfinches, greenfinches and chaffinches, (mostly goldfinches) here for months! The blue tits and coal tits are just starting to visit, as is the robin and a few siskins as well. I'm glad they come to visit but it's costing me a fortune in sunflower seed hearts and niger seed! Next year I shall grow sunflowers and leave the heads for the birds!
Mmm, been quiet 'chez moi' as well. However the blue tits and great tits never go away but not in their usual large numbers; my blackbird family (mum, dad and baby - now a teenager) and robin also visit regularly! I'm hoping to see the long-tailed tits, the starlings, the song thrushes, the jays, woodpecker and greenfinch before they disappear for the winter - or have they already gone?? Just generally very quiet and I'm having to throw peanuts away as they are going mouldy before they are eaten - and that's rare!!
Still got my resident flock of sparrows, blue tits, coal tits, blackies and a couple of robins. Greater spotted woodpecker visits the nut feeder early each day but doesn't stay long. Occasional wood pigeon and collared dove. Love watching them out of the window. The other day some kind of hawk dived down on the resident blackie but he was too fast and took refuge in the hedge.
I forgot about our resident wood pigeon, my daughter (for reasons best know to herself) has decided to call him Chris
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oh hi all, did you all arrive in a mini bus? :o)

It's another lovely day here & it's all quiet out there but I'm sure they'll return when the cold weather comes. I think we had the busiest spring we'd ever had which was a surprise, I thought last winter's awful long freeze might have killed a lot off. And we had a small flock of goldfinches for the first time which was lovely.

I haven't heard an owl around here for years, there was one who used to sit in the tree over the road but they had it cut down as many do. The people over the back took a huge conifer down where a pair of wood pigeons nested every year. This year they seemed totally lost without it.

lol @ 'Chris', haha...I can understand though, they're the kind of birds that just need to have a name. :o)
Robins have never gone, nor have the sparrows, blue tits, crows and pigeons. Great tits and blackbirds just coming back now and I've had goldfinches in the garden the last few days. One of the robins sits up in a tree and sings for ages in the morning, it's lovely to hear him.
It's costing me a fortune in bird food but it's worth it
I've just started feeding them again (I live surrounded by farmland and countryside - lots of food) they visit for a short time each morning, mainly blue and great tits, chaffinches, woodpecker, wren, dunnock, wagtails and hedge sparrows but we get huge flocks of fieldfare plus water birds - think the exceptionally mild weather and very late Autumn has helped them tremendously

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