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rov1100 | 16:36 Fri 25th Feb 2011 | Animals & Nature
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Can anyone suggest a pepper spray that can be used when confronted with aggressive dog/s?


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Be very careful - use of such things can make aggressive dogs even more mad and some will go through brick walls to attack if that is what they are intent on. If they are not intent on attack, just giving a warning, such use could trigger an even more aggressive attitude. How many aggressive dogs do you meet?
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Posties usually come across it on a daily basis
If the postie pepper sprayed my westie I'd sue him.
Most dogs are not being aggressive they are protecting their property. My post lady always makes a fuss of my dogs even though they bark at first.
Had a funny dream the other night, i was walking a little whippet type dog when a thug with a large mastiff type dog approached us and ordered his dog to kill my whippet, i lashed out to boot his dog and almost kicked the wife out of bed. I dont have a dog by the way.
Dont use a pepper spray!!!! you would be asking for a whole heap of trouble and a possible nasty attack as Lankeela has said already.

If a postman is under threat by a dog or at any risk he shouldnt be going onto that property, all postmen know that!!

I know that if I was deliveing letters to a house on a regular basis that had an aggressive dog, I would talkt to the owners and befriend the dog, not always so easy I know but it does work in general.
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Doc, I threw a policeman out of my house for using one of those on my Jack Russells, they just went up to him to say hello, they quickly ran away and hid under the table, and then he produced that gadget while laughing!

He was told to get out or be thrown out!!! my dogs have never been a threat to anybody!!
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I think if used correctly they are very good. If my dogs were ever a threat I would have no objection to them being used.

My dogs I have now can look a little intimidating due to their size but they have the kindest face and most people walk straight up to them with a big smile on their face and just want to hug them lol, especially little old ladies and children, the dogs love every bit of it lolol.
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That just takes money Doc and lots of it!!!
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Thanks for your answers. I looked up the website on the dog dazer. The price quoted could be almost halved by going on the Amazon's website. However after reading about 40 reviews on the product it seems a waste of money and cannot give full security. Dogs seem to hear the high pitched sound but most take no notice of it.
I remeber buying a similar product to scare cats from the garden some time ago. In that case the device was always ignored. Either the decibels need to be increased from the 125db or maybe a light laser should be used?

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