Is it usual for a fox to disembowel its kill?

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milldoll | 11:32 Sat 22nd Jan 2011 | Animals & Nature
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MY pet rabbit was killed by a fox this week. Apart from taking his head off....which I believe is normal.....his innards were separate from the carcass. The head was nowhere to be found.

Is this usual or could it have been something other than a fox?

I don't live in the countryside and my garden is pretty hard to access.



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I think so. My friend had two rabbits killed in her garden. She said there was blood and guts everywhere.
sorry.. you have bad neighbour ?? Had something similar...found my cat in bag ondoorstep..
Yes,I think iot is quite usual.
Sorry to upset you,but the fox goes for the tasty(and quickly digested/consumed) bits,which are internal organs.
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thanks for the answers.
Murraymints ...I don't think my neighbours are that awful for you.
I know that badgers do this sort of thing,I once saw them do it to a hedgehog leaving a flat prickly skin with most of the insides gone.
When I was a kid I lost my pet cockerel to a fox when I forgot to put him in his coop for the night. The following morning there were just a lot of feathers on the lawn. The only other remains were the stomach and intestines which were lying amongst the feathers so the fox had obviously picked those out and decided not to eat them. It was probably quite experienced at dissection.

Poor old George! I cried.

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Is it usual for a fox to disembowel its kill?

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