Missing Border Collie

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lankeela | 13:22 Fri 17th Sep 2010 | Animals & Nature
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Border Collie Male - Oldbury B68 (Sandwell/Birmingham borders)

Name Sydney
Breed Border Collie
Gender Male
Age 6 months
Colour Red/white
Coat Long
Size and Build Medium size and build
Tail Type Full
Microchipped YES but to owners that are on holiday
Collar YES
Collar Colour Choke with tag number for owner who is on holiday
Other information
Date Missing 17.09.10 at 9am
Post Code & Area B58 Oldbury Sandwell/Birmingham borders
Circumstances Being cared for by relative whilst owner on holiday,
Sydney jumped the fence and ran off
Contact 07983 522 941


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Have you tried going to the owners address, if it's not too far away?
Question Author
I only crossposted this - I live in Norfolk, so don't know what has been done.
He is only a baby as well - I hope that he is lost (away for a wander) and has not been stolen.

lankeela - will you let us know if/when he is found.
Thought you might live in Norfolk Lankeela. Without giving too much away. Which part.

doglost have my name as a helper in our area.
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Latest news:
Sydney has been found safe and well, he was picked up by a local builder. He
took him to a vets
but the vets said the chip was "unreadable". Builder also contacted 3 councils
who all said they
had no missing reports for this dog. It was only the owners sheer determination
to find Sydney
that paid off. I will be writing to the bosses of one of those 3 councils for an
explanation and
hopefully an apology to the owner.....luckily I have a very good relationship
with them.

I live in Attleborough, which is between Norwich and Thetford.
Lankeela, so pleased that Sydney is now back home. It was always a great fear of mine that one of my dogs would escape, but fortunately it never happened. Good luck with the councils.
great result and am so pleased for all concerned. Good time to point out that if you look after another dog at you premises for a friend or relative then get a disc engraved with your details on - it's no good having phone contact details for owners who are away.
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This was one of the reasons why I would not want to leave my dogs with someone if i went away, As I said before I would far rather they were secure in kennels.
Hi Lankeela. I live in North Norfolk. Know Attleborough quite well. Son went

to school at W.College. My dog only ever goes to live with my son when we are away or comes with us. I have known of two dogs recently who have got away from kennels - one unfortunately was killed on the road. I wouldn't leave my dog/dogs with a stranger.

Really pleased about young Sydney!
Worked in kennels for 40 years; been running my own for 16 years. Never lost a dog yet and see over 1000 annually!
Question Author
For anyone who has been following the story of the little black terrier found in France, her owner has now been located.
Good work lankeela, really useful to post things like this
How distressing ! But so pleased for you he has now been found and is safe again! Happy ending ! However, this is of a concern that people who spend money having their beloved pets microchipped, then they turn out to be unreadable ??? Perhaps get a vet to check every so often if your pets chip is working okay....I guess chips can go faulty ? Im not sure...
6 months is a dangerous age. I my experience ,dogs of that age are very good at finding somewhere they've been to before but not very good at finding their way back. They get distracted and their internal sat-nav goes to pot. The small breeds are better than others but they don't wander quite as far and they seem to mature mentally earlier anyway. (If you've got a young wolfhound, give up!)

Good news. Strange about the microchip though.
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Not all microchip readers read all microchips especially if done abroad. If I am travelling abroad with a dog I take my own scanner to make sure.

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Missing Border Collie

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