My dog fell in the Lancaster Canal

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LauraDoll | 22:52 Sat 03rd Jul 2010 | Animals & Nature
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Does anyone know if this is dangerous as his tummy seems to be a bit swollen now and he is really tired.
The canal does look pretty dirty.
I am planning to take him to the vet on Monday but am really worried and wondered if I should try and get an appointment tomorrow.


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Has he eaten since his swim?
Oh dear ..poor little chap - I'm no expert on this but I'd talk to the emergency vet especially if the symptoms are still there in the morning.
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He has eaten (not his dog food) some left overs from our meals (pasta , cold meat )
but he is a fussy eater at the best of times.
How does he seem this morning?
Poor wee dog. How did he fall in Count ? Know that canal and it is pretty mucky.

Could he be in a state of shock ?See vet on Monday and let him rest quiet , with plenty of drinkink water. Good luck
Sorry -- how did he fall in Laura, apologies Count -- still asleep my brain.
I would give the vet a ring and see what they say.

Was the water greenish? Could there have been some algae in it?

There has been some toxic algae in the Lake District recently:

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Hi Everyone,
I telephoned the emergency service at my vet and they said as long as he was drinking water and able to keep it down I should take him in tomorrow at 9 oclock.
They said he would get a total check with an ultrasound etc.
He was tied up at the canal for a couple of minutes until we got the the boat moored but managed to jump over the side. We grabbed him by his harness and he was only in the water for a matter of seconds but I am still worried about what he could have swallowed.
Thanks to everyone for your advice and concern.
I will let you know how we get on tomorrow.
Laura and Xander the border collie.

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My dog fell in the Lancaster Canal

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