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CiderMonkey | 14:36 Fri 18th Jun 2010 | Animals & Nature
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I've just taken on caring for my great nan's tortoise. We think it's male, about 80 years old. He was alwyas kept in a cage in the garden and fed only lettuce. That's about as far as his care went. I've just been reading up and apparently a diet of just lettuce isn't great and you need to bathe/shower them every now and then?? Would it be an upset to him so late in life if I made changes now? He seems very healthy and happy as he is.


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I would defo wash him every now and then because its good for there shell. Your supposed to keep them clean as it helps the shell breath. As for the diet im not sure. I guess its lived 80s years so its not doing to too bad - maybe speak to a vet about it?

I always wanted a tortoise.
I had a tortoise for over 40 years, and used to bath her around once a month, adding a small amount of olive oil to the water. They certainly need bathing when they come out of hibernation and I used to wash around her eyes and mouth. I would guess he ate grass and weeds from with his cage in the garden, as lettuce alone would not give him the nutrients he needs. I used to supplement fruit and veg with special tortoise pellets. Have a look on this site, it should give you all the information you need.
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Thank you for the replies. Will definitely have a look at that site.

Yes, the cage was on grass, so I guess he might have eaten grass and other stuff in the cage or when he had a walkabout
I have a tortoise, I feed him broccolli which he loves, cabbage leaves, grapes, tomatoes, you cant feed them banana though but just about everything else, I also buy these pelletts that you moisten with water, will have to get back to you on what they are called, but you an now buy them at pets at home, they love that too! Always wash mine about once a week

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Tortoise care

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