my female cat keeps trying to take her 4 week old kittens outside?

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dmj | 11:53 Fri 11th Jun 2010 | Animals & Nature
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Hi hope someone can help, my cat Bella has 4 kittens they are 4 weeks old, they are in my daughters bedroom and she has been ok there for the past month, lately she keeps trying to take the kittens outside? I always shut the bedroom door but she has pulled the carpet up and cries all the time? I also have a 2 year old neutered male and I wonder if she feels threatened by him? He hasnt had any access to the kittens so not sure if it is that?

The kittens seem frightened when she tries to take them outside? I have closed the cat flap and brought the kittens downstairs, thinking she might want to move them somewhere else in the house but all she wants to do is take them outside? I dont know what to do and I am worried about her, I dont know what she wants.

Please help... xxx


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It is natural behaviour for cats to periodically move their litter to a new location.
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I know, but the kittens wont be safe outside we have an open garden there is no shed or anything....
Just keep ensuring that she can't get out and she will be fine. You only have 5 more weeks until the kittens can be rehomed and then you really should get your cat spayed (unless she is a pedigree cat that you breed from).
perhaps you will have to resort to a locked cat flap for a few weeks.. letting mum out on demand through the back door.. that way she cant sneak the babies outside!

Silly mum cat eh!!! Doesnt she know its best for her babies inside!!!

Maybe the warm weather is making her try to take them outside to a new nest area!!!
She may be twitched that you moved them yourself. It's usual for mother cats to move their kittens to new safe dens to throw predators off the scent. These answers might help? http://uk.answers.yah...20100511004420AAWdJJS
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thanks for all your advice, not sure what to do long term as she has totally pulled the carpet up in my daughters room but if I leave the bedroom door open my male cat marley might get in or worse still the kittens might wonder out and fall down the stairs!!! I am definitely getting her spayed as soon as she has finished feeding her babies, I cant go through this again, I have been a nervous wreck throughout the whole thing!!!!

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my female cat keeps trying to take her 4 week old kittens outside?

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