is she a proper dog?

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mollykins | 10:06 Sat 06th Feb 2010 | Animals & Nature
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i have a 9 year old female mongrel whose mainly border collie with other breeds such as staffy and pointer in her. But she is the least dog-like dog ever.

~ She prefers humans to other dogs
~She snorts like a pig, awake and during sleep
~She wolfs her food/water down but then gently lapps milk up like a kitten
~She has never chased a cat or rabbit, but has chased a monkjack deer
~If you throw her a treat or scrap bit of food, she can't catch it unless its less than an inch from her mouth and she's watching it carefully
~She's allergic to dried dog food

Is this the wierdist dog you've heard of?

the only border collie like thing she does is 'herd' dogs if she can tell that their owner wants them back, but then that means she thinks the other dogs are sheep!


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she doesn't mind the vets, apart from having her claws clipped. Even though she's had countless injections and an autopsy which meant stitches that had to to be cut off her when she was fully aware of it (i've never had stitches but doing it that way looked painful)
I highly doubt she's had an autopsy!!

As for being a 'proper' dog, of course she is. All dogs have their little quirks, kind of like us- doesn't mean she's not a dog or in anyway weird. In fact all the examples you've given are not anything out of the ordinary.
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a skin autopsy i meant, she had a little bit of skin cut off and had to have stitches.

now surviving an autopsy, she couldn't possibly be a dog.
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she more like a pig/kitten/duck than she is a dog.

~ plus she doesn't bark much, she probably snorts as much as she barks.
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thats the word i'm looking for, skin biopsy not skin autopsy.
Sorry mollykins but I fail to see your logic on that one? Are you saying because she had a skin biopsy (not autopsy) she can't possibly be a dog because she didn't die from it?
from what I have read about dried dog food she is probably better for not having it!
I reckon your right and it's really a cleverly disguised duck!
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no i'm saying she had a skin biopsy and had to have stitches in for a couple of weeks (and cut off) and injections, and she didn't mind either which is wierd for a dog.
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infact i reckon she like going to the vets, she wags her tail when we go in and like sniffy the other animals (and their humans) in the waiting room. and never cries when the vet does stuff to her.
Again, not really.

I've found that dogs, like children, can pretty much shrug off most things that would lay us as adults up for weeks.
This is a weird thread....
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i have a wierd dog with an identity crisis.
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But I bet the vet will confirm that it's a 'proper' dog....
like people not all dogs are the same, some are so laid back they are horizontal and others are nervous, cheeky, naughty, overprotective ect ect

she is still a dog, you have to reassess your preconceptions of what you think she should be..
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i think she should be called a pickteng
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or a

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