is she a proper dog?

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mollykins | 10:06 Sat 06th Feb 2010 | Animals & Nature
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i have a 9 year old female mongrel whose mainly border collie with other breeds such as staffy and pointer in her. But she is the least dog-like dog ever.

~ She prefers humans to other dogs
~She snorts like a pig, awake and during sleep
~She wolfs her food/water down but then gently lapps milk up like a kitten
~She has never chased a cat or rabbit, but has chased a monkjack deer
~If you throw her a treat or scrap bit of food, she can't catch it unless its less than an inch from her mouth and she's watching it carefully
~She's allergic to dried dog food

Is this the wierdist dog you've heard of?

the only border collie like thing she does is 'herd' dogs if she can tell that their owner wants them back, but then that means she thinks the other dogs are sheep!


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And while we're at it, you think you're dogs weird?

Mine will take a gobful of dog biscuits from her food dish in the kitchen, run into the livingroom, spit them out on the floor then eat them up again one a time.

Goes to bed (my bed I hasten to add) every night at 10.30pm, regardless of whether im going myself or not.

Terrified of next doors cat and will refuse to go out if it's on out ajoining wall.

Eats flower heads- my garden in summer looks like a crazed gardener has been let loose- plenty of stalks around, just no flower heads.
I think you can find something better to think about...
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if she's a mongrel do you think somewhere in her family history, some wierd scientist cross a dog with a pig a duck with a kitten then crossed their offspring? sand added a bit more dog so that it seemed like a dog.
I think its just a dog molly...
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you haven't met the beast, or its highly unlikely.
it could be the first of many pig/dog/kitten/duck hybrids, it's the start of an invasion, they will be taking over the world soon...

we're all dooooomed!
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she's a good girl and adorable. and the piggy ducky kittenyness makes it even cuter.
My dog thinks he's a cat. I've got 2 cats who are his best friends, he plays with them all the time and tries to do the same things they do - including perching on the back of the sofa and he's not a small dog. He will not go near other dogs though, he runs a mile if one comes near him. It keeps me amused Molly, in much the same way I'm sure yours does - I think some people on here are taking you a little too seriously :)
The features you list are common in dogs. BCs and other working breeds, are very attached to their owner and seem to pefer human company;, some dogs snort; all dogs drink carefully but will wolf down food;sensible dogs only chase something worthwhile (all mine chase deer,none chase cats, the small ones, but not the big ones, chase rabbits); most oh mine are poor at catching but the good ones are stars at it; don't know about allergic, but the pup here has been swayed by TV ads and prefers advertised tinned and wet food, junk food, to the special, very expensive, dry food which the breeder recommended ! (He's now dropped his toy on the floor and is howling for me to pick it up for him, because he's too idle to get off his bed to pick it up himself! Weird. I refuse. )
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~ she won't each chocolate

i know you shouldnt give dogs chocolate, but if you drop crumbs of a chocolate covered biscuit she puts them in her mouth then spits them out again.
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how perculiar.

my dog doesn't pay attention to the telly odten, only when there are puppies crying and a doorbell that sounds similar to ours, so she does her little woof and goes running to the front door expecting someone to be there.
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plus when she's over the field, she either trops or gallops like a horse.

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