My cat may have diabetes - how do I change her diet?

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str | 22:08 Fri 29th Jan 2010 | Animals & Nature
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My beloved 16 year old Hobbes is having tests tomorrow for diabetes. If she is found to have it, God forbid, I have found out that her diet will need to be high in protein, low in carbohydrate. However she is currently on a special diet for kidney stones which requires a low protein content! Please could anyone give me some advice.


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Please take your vet's advice - they will have the most up to date information on how to deal with the complexities of your cat's diet if diabetes is diagnosed. Fingers crossed that she will be negative. My cat's been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and is on as much of a low protein diet as I can get him to eat - that and the daily pill have restored him to his former bouncy self. I hope it will be the same for your cat!
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Thanks Boxtops, I'm just worried because both conditions require the total opposite of each other dietary-wise. I do have every confidence in my vet - she knows Hobbes very well after all the treatment she's had for the stones. Glad to hear your own boy is on the up - kids eh!
i had a diabetic cat that had to be injected twice a day with insulin once we got the levels right he was fine and lived a normal life till he was killed in a RTA the injections are really easy to give in the scruff of the neck with a very fine needle your vet will help and show you how if he is diabetic , we didnt change his diet just made sure he was fed regualy at the same times and kept him to the same food all the time once he was stable good luck xx ruth
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Just wanted to say that I used to look after a diabetic cat who was on insulin. As ruthann says the injections were easy. As with her cat there was no change in diet but the meals had to be given at very regular intervals. I do hope Hobbes is okay xxxx
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Thanks everyone, it all seems to be a lot more positive than I thought. Hobbes had her blood test yeaterday and although she has got higher than normal glucose levels they are (only) at 16 and my vet says that they wont get too concerned unless they go up to around 25. So a bit of relief but we have to keep an eye on it. Another urine test next week just to make sure, but otherwise Hobbes is her normal loving, content self. Thanks so much everyone for your replies - it doesn't seem to be the death sentence I thought.

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My cat may have diabetes - how do I change her diet?

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