New fish bowl maintanence, cloudy water?

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what..the? | 13:27 Tue 01st Sep 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Just got a new fish bowl/tank and fish at the weekend its 21 litres, it's a bowl type i.e it doesn't have a filter etc. Here's what it looks like: -animal-carriers-193/ferplast-plastic-animal-1 0598.htm

I have 12 little tiny fish and two small gold fish in there. I rinsed everything before I put them in gravel ornament. I have treated the water with a 'goldfish start up pack' from API with two bottles called Ammo-Lock and Stress Zyme, the first neatralizes chemicals in the tap water it says and protects goldfish from ammonia. The other Stress-Zyme contains live bacteria and is said to help develop a natural biological filration cycle.

But half way through day 2 of the tanks life the waters gone all cloudy??

I have looked on line and they say it could be dirt i.e over feeding, the waters old and needs changing. Unbalances in the chemicals, too much light.

I don't know if I am feeding them to much i use say 3 flakes crunched up and sprinkled in twice a day and most that is eaten on the surface, when floating down or is sucked off the floor by one of the gold fish after.

I have had fish cold and tropical before but it was many years ago and they were with filters. I dont know if it is too many fish, over feeding or chemicals?? I dont think it is too many fish you can look in there and have to 'try' to see one, their not all crammed in there!

Can any one help?


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That's ok then shomo, i won't give you any advice.

Shomo, with all due respect, have you actually offered any advise at all here?

Or are you simply posting on this thread to pick holes in what others have said?

Now ive apologised to what..the? for my rudeness, i accept it was a bit out of order, but i can understand HMan's frustration here. Far too many people (again what..the? not finger pointing at you here) seem to think that simply filling a tank with water and dumping fish in is the way to go in fishkeeping, disregarding, either intentionally or unintentionally how those fish may suffer through ignorance.

Sure, you can use the arguement "meh, but they're only fish", but to me and obviously HMan they are living beings which deserve some quality of life whilst in your care, such as say a dog or cat.

I dread to think the anger that would be raised if someone posted "Right, ive bought a puppy, how do i look after it?" on here.
Another forum for you to try Boo :-)

And thanks for the back up....sometimes, "rude" is the only way to get through to people. As it happens, i didn't think my original answer was rude or nasty....just frank and to the point.
The shop sold what..the? a totally un-suitable tank for their what makes you think they are going to give the correct advice on fish keeping?
The majority of LFS are in it for profit and do not give good advice, I have been keeping fish for some 12 years and have seen all sorts of fish sold into inappropriate tank conditions! Fresh water sharks that grow up to in excess of 12'' to people with a 2' tank....Oscars sold as community fish.
We all make mistakes in our 'hobbies', and were it not for places like this where people can start to gain knowledge....there would be a hell of a lot more un-healthy or dead animal [and fish] out there!!!

...and to what..the?....

Please do not flush your fish!!!!!
Have a look on can pick up some really nice set-ups on there....nice and cheap!!!! I have a couple of 6 footers on watch as we type [please don't tell my kids though! They think that 5 tanks are more than enough for one].
Or return your fish to your LFS [local fish shop]....the one fish you could maybe get away with keeping in your critter tank [although you would still need a mini-heater and maybe a sponge filter] is a Betta....Siamese Fighting fish.
Have a look on TFF....loads of advice on there...

Good luck

Lisa x
OOo Betta's, utterly beautiful fish, Still miss the one I had, he was a beauty.

Yes I'd highly recommend getting a Betta, though you'll need a heater for it. Though for heavens sake don't put anything else in there with it, they aint called Japanese Fighting fish for nowt!
Or Siamese fighting fish Boo...lmao !!!! Had the privilege of breeding fighters last year in a multi-tank system i set up in the conservatory at home. Ended up with hundreds of the ******* but gave them all away and still got two now in my planted tank.
I have two....a red VT and my pride and joy...a tri-coloured CT....beautiful boy!!!
I also keep they are fun! A 60l Dwarf puffer tank and a 150l Figure of Eight set up [my first foray into the salty side!] a 150l Comm tank....which I hope to keep Multies in when I get my hands on a 6 footer to grow out my baby Clown Loaches in....Damn MTS [multie tank syndrome]....LOL

Lisa x
If you guys think you know more than the aquarium shop then good luck to you. I advised what...the to listen to the aquarium and ignore Hammerman who was rude. People come here for advice not to be insulted. If you Hammerman cannot see that then it's your loss.
Do go f**k yourself Shomo
Hammerman you have proved my point.
Good...that was the idea.

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New fish bowl maintanence, cloudy water?

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