bringing a new kitten into the home with another cat

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dmj | 13:52 Sat 08th Aug 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Last week I got a 7 week old female kitten, I also have a 1 year old male cat, and as I suspected he's not very impressed :( He has always been a pampered boy and now he's not happy that I've brought this adorable ball of fluff into the home, at the moment she is in the abthroom at night so that he can have the run of the house and also when I'm at work so I can leave cat flap open, but he attacks her quite alot, I realsie its pecking order but at one point he had her head in his mouth! He doesnt get his heckles up and he doesnt hiss, very ocassionally his claws come out at her, he wont let her eat her food before he's had some, and even if shes just led down he will come in and pounce? I dont know what to do, I dont want to tell him off but when do you need to intervene, I'm thinking if he was really gonna go for her he would of done so by now? Help!! We love them both equally but I had visions of them cuddling up together and being best mates, hence me not getting another Tom, but now I'm wondering if I've done the right thing? any advice would be great, thanks xx


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i know it's a bit worrying when the big one bats the little one a bit, but don't worry the big one in time will learn to accept the little one. as you say once he has made sure the little one understands the pecking order. even then you can expect the odd kerfuffle now and again. i know this because we did the same as you 2 year old male and 8 week old female kitten. don't worry things will settle down just keep your eye on the big one for a while.
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thanks for advice guys, I just feel a bit guilty cos my older cat is very rarely in now and just looks deptressed :( It has been a bit better today so will just keep an eye on him, thanks again xx
Hi, was in this situation 15 years ago, same way older tom ,girl kitten. she very rarely is seen in the house (not out just hiding). He is very sociable, will go to anyone for affection. He lets her eat first still, and will take the occasional swipe at her, just to keep her in check. He was ill some months ago with thyroid problems, and she came out of the woodwork, and cuddled in his basket with him, but now he is on the mend, she is back to hide and seek. I am sure they will be fine, they are a bit like humans unpredictable.
HI dmj

My oldest was 12 when I got a ball of fluff (both girls), she wasn't at all happy, lots of hissing and sulking but after a few weeks they got on fine, still the odd spat, but never serious. Funny enough when I got the older one the previous cat (another girl) was 12, and it was exactly the same.

Good luck, just leave them to it, they'll be fine

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bringing a new kitten into the home with another cat

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