an update on the cat for those who are intererested :o)

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Beanmistriss | 00:35 Wed 08th Jul 2009 | Animals & Nature
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It's a girl!! I think...

The cat is currently snuggled up on a blanket on my couch. Her sad eyes as she sat outside with her face squished up against the window got too much. She is out over night and all day whilst we are at work and avoided the rain today by going next door where I'm guessing she did the face squishing again cos they let her come in. I bought a litter try today to see if she knows how to use it so that if she does she can stay in when the weathers bad. Do they like to be in overnight? She looks like she would like to be - shes well lazy, just sleeps all the time. Also is there a best way to see if she knows how to use the litter tray? Or is it a case of just keeping my fingers crossed and watching?

She still does not make a proper miaow but she makes a funny clicking noise when she does the miaowing face.

I did take note of what Tambourine said in a previous post so on top of taking her to the vet to check if she was microchipped and listing her as found there I put her details and picture on a found animals website and put a notice in the local shop. If shes still here in a week or so I will take her to the vet to get checked out to make sure shes allhealthy. Thank you to you all for your advice and I'll know where to come when I have more cat related question :o)


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well, beanie, sounds like you've been well & truly caught, I'm a dog man myself but I'll follow your future postings with interest, to see how long it takes your new friend to gain complete control
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She's obviously a cutie with the face squishing /adorable/ pathetic look. lol. They are experts in this sort of creeping into your heart manoeuvres(sp)

Iam sure she would like to be in overnight if she is anything like my lazy madam who is also a fair weather cat

Is the litter tray in the shed with her as this may give you a good idea if she will use. I suspect she will cause cats are generally fastidious creatures. If you are trying her with the tray in the house just keep an eye on her.

AS for looking for the owner, it sounds like you have done all you can, but any loving owner would have been hot on her heels by now, I would have thought.

Welcome to the crazy cat owners club, there are lots of us on here xxx
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I am a dog girl too really - but shes a real cutie. Last night she was sleeping on the couch so when she woke up I picked her up and plopped her in the tray and she used it. Then about 10 minutes later she got in there and used it again. She went a bit mad with the covering up though. So she stayed in all night (it was raining) a nd she has used the tray :o)
So pleased to hear that - she is obviously a real cutie. I would keep her in at night if she is using her tray. Cats are generally very clean (hence the mad digging to cover what she does!) and she should be fine if left in. You are going the right way to try to trace an owner but it does sound as if no-one is going to claim her. Sounds like you well and truly have yourself a cat! xxxx
Hi Beanmistriss.
I assume you've taken in a stray? Please remember to contact the Cat Protection League as well, and leave details, because very often, they're the first people that owners go to when their pets go missing. Also, an ad in your local paper might be a good idea (if you haven't already done so).
We took in a stray some years back, and it was several weeks before the owner contacted us. It was sad to see her go, but she belonged to an old lady who'd been distraught at her loss, so we were happy to hand her back.
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Thanks ice.maiden - I hadn't thought of registering her with cats protection though I did call them for advice already and it was them who suggested checking if she was chipped. I will also contact the local paper as I hadnt thought of that either. If someone claims her I will be delighted to hand them back their pet - but if she was mine and I had lost her I would like to think that someone would take care of her so I will continue to do that until someone comes for her. are a gem...well done for taking her in...have you given her a name yet? lol

Your little rescue cat will give you back twice the love you have shown to her!! xx
Lucky little puss finding you, and 'she' is so good learning to use the litter tray. I'm sure she was very happy to be indoors away from the rain. She'll have you fully trained in no time, just like the rest of us cat-slaves. Lucky would be a very appropriate name for her. Please keep us informed of progress. Schutz. My Frankie and Felix are sending her some Miows. could call her 'Mistress' after your own login name....and also, because you will now become her human
My girl cat is called Merlin - she was named that before she moved in. But I like girly names.

What about Missy or Rosie?
Reckon she came in on tidal wave of support from us out here but if you weren't such a lovely person she wouldn't have made it .
Good fortune with her!
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lol we haven't given her a name - but I suppose we should if shes going to hang around. She seems quite please with things. She stays in overnight. When we put her out in the morning she goes to next door for her breakfast and stays with them all day and when we come home she comes back and sleeps on the couch all night! i think i'd quite like to be a cat :o)
It sounds like she's got it made. Do let us know what you decide to call her. Give her a big cuddle from me xxx
Awww what a nice thing you've done! I would get her checked out by a vet though - one of my two (who also started life as a stray) lost his voice a couple of years ago, the vet gave him some antibiotics etc, and said he had a chest infection, two days later his miaow came back.

Good luck with your new friend! x

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an update on the cat for those who are intererested :o)

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