Duck Man!

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Robinia | 13:58 Wed 20th May 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Did you see this on the news? So sweet! Watch the video, I'm not sure I could catch that well. save me!


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Okay could somebody hold that guy down for me, I'm coming to the U.S. to kiss him! <3
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Hi sweedie, it's lovely isn't it? Made me feel as fuzzy as those little ducklings :o)
It is lovely, however i did notice that at the very end he climbed on something to get the very last one- why didn't he just do that in the first place?
the guy has too much time on his hands. they would have survived the drop anyway.......
Awwwww thats such a cute story :o)

Makes a nice change from all the horrible things going on in the news / world.
i agree tigger but the guy is just a fraud ababboon who wanted to be in the lime light. who do you think called the press?!?!?!

this guy is a drip.
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Maybe Sweaty but I wasn't paying much attention to the guy. I was just going gaga at the cute little ducklings.
Oooops! I mean Beaty! Lol

Sorry ;o)
ya they were cute :)
I thought it was lovely, makes a change from all the cruel things you see that happen 's to animals.Good for him and the woman for seeing them to the water.
Famous last words: Duck? Where?
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oh don't be like that tigger & garner said it was just a breath of fresh air at the end of the miserable news.

yoohoo B00...stop being so logical... :o)
Lol, sorry robinia, I been in a bit of a fowl (heh!) mood all day, guess it's rubbing off on here now.

Hello by the way xxx
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Much more of this rain & I'll have webbed feet B00..
I can hear you sweedie, making up duck jokes ;o)
Awwww , I saw it on the news too , how cute !
pity netti wasnt there,she could have layed down an they could have bounced of her bazookers.!umm second thoughts,they would have ended up back on the ledge..!(:O)
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hi bigmamma, I don't see you around so much these days :o) please excuse me I've just got to give Vinny a good thwack around the ear'ole....


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Duck Man!

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