Update on Mr. Hedges ......

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mrs.chappie | 21:19 Sat 18th Apr 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Howdy all!

Just an update on the poorly wee hedgehog I took to the hedgehog hospital a couple of weeks ago.

The good news is that he is now well enough to be released. This is great news, 'cos he was in such a bad way.

The bad news is that he was found to have a broken leg, which had apparently been broken for some time. The fracture had healed itself, but the poor wee spiky fellah is always gonna be disabled.

He cannot be released back into the wild, but the vet says he can be released into an enclosed garden. Sadly, my garden is not enclosed.

He is not in pain, according to the vet, and is capable of living a happy life, having adapted to his problem leg very well.


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Thanks for letting us know mrs c. Very pleased to hear that Mr Hedges is ok. If I had a garden I would offer him a home but sadly I haven't.
That's lovely Mrs C - I'm sure someone will offer him a secure home. I have hedgehogs in my garden and I love to watch them.
Hi Mrs. chappie. Glad to hear the little fellow is doing so well. I hope the shelter manages to find someone with an enclosed garden who will offer Mr. Hedges a new home. He wouldn't have stood a chance without you. Schutz.
It must feel good to have him all healed and and ready to move into a new home.

He will have a nice and safe life wandering around a garden.

I am trying to think of some Hedgehog jokes but my mind has gone blank.

That's good news, mrs. chappie. I'm sure he'll find a lovely home to go to. K x
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Thanks for replies peeps.xxxxx

I have a big garden with lots of shrubbery around the hedges, so I am thinking about fencing some of it off, to make a secure enclosure for him, and having him back in my garden.

The lady at the hedgehog hospital has suggested this as a possibility. She is coming round to my house to have a look at the garden, and see what she thinks.

I quite like this idea, as I have his siblings in my garden. T'would be nice to reunite them (Gawd, I am a sloppy bu88er).

It might be kinder, though, to let him go to a much bigger patch, and start afresh - I'll let the hedgehog lady decide what she thinks is best.

Does anyone have any idea if he will be able to recognise/remember his siblings? He will have been parted from them for at least two weeks.

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Update on Mr. Hedges ......

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