spleenectomy in dogs, what are the after effects?

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belgrade72 | 14:19 Fri 10th Apr 2009 | Animals & Nature
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I have a two and a half years old female dog, mixed breed, the sweetest and happiest dog in the world. I was at my vet with her a few days back, and I wanted to do a general check up, since Itook her from a recues shelter where she was borught as a puppy, hit by a car, with a broken rib and a broken hip.m She miracourosly survived withour an operation. So, the vet did an ultra sound and an x-ray and they saw something in the middle of the stomach. They operated on her yesterday and what they found was an old piece of a gause, left by the vet who performed the sterilisation on her a year and a half ago. So, they took the gause out, but they found out that her spleen is enlarged and a little bit twisted so they took it out too. I was furious, but since | live in a country where that happens all the time I couldn't do anything.My dog is recovering now. I need help with understanding if she will have any problems now that she has no spleen, and what are they? If any of you have an experience with your dog and spleenectomy, please share it with me. I'm very worried for her, and adore her, and it scares me to think that she can have any serious damage after this.
Thank you in advance


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I used to walk a golden retriever who was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen at 14, the vet said a dog can live without a spleen and he didn't have to have any medication afterwards or any special diet, he didn't have any side effects and lived to the ripe old age of 17 then he just died of old age so don't worry I'm sure your little one will be fine.:-}
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Thanx for your answer, I aprecciate it. My dog is doing ok, sh'es resting through the day, and I know that she will get throught this ok. She's a fighter, like her owner:)

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spleenectomy in dogs, what are the after effects?

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