rat has torn ear!

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sjwright | 10:39 Sun 01st Mar 2009 | Animals & Nature
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I have 2 rats, who's names I won't disclose, not because I'm scared of their identities being stolen, but because they are rude words!

Anyway, my smaller of the two rats has a torn ear. What do I do, will it heal itself, any advice?? Thanks in advanced!



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Think it will heal it self Sj,try to keep it Clean,good luck
Question Author
lol thanks for the roland rat clip, a little before my time tho, being a child of '86!

poor little ****** keeps shakin, hopefully it will heal! will take him down the vets tomorrow i think :-(
Have they been Fighting sj ?
Question Author
I'm not sure, they don't usualky, theyre usually very good and playful together. hmmm, mystery!

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rat has torn ear!

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