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~max~ | 19:48 Sun 15th Feb 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Hi all!
I was just wondering something....When Jessie, my 2 yr old kitty, comes back from her gallivanting outside, I always greet her by asking if she had fun (I know, I know...I'm a weirdo). She ALWAYS responds by rolling on the floor on her back. Any other cats do that?
I know she's not asking for a belly rub, because she doesn't like them. :O(
She's a VERY affectionate cat, so could it be that she is "talking" to me, and saying "hi"? lol

She also does it whenever she comes back from a nap and I talk to her.


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no your not a weirdo issy talks to me i get far more sense out of her then i do the human members of the family lol
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lol Ruthann! They are so expressive, aren't they? Sometimes she looks at me so intently, I can't help wishing she could talk! lol
Hiya, max - i talk to all my (5) cats, and they all respond in their own, different ways. Yes, they DO talk to us, in their own ways! My Cassie always meows to me when she comes home (and if we're out in the garden together, she "talks" to me all the time) and little Mischa comes running to greet me when I come in from work. They're lovely, aren't they? K x
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If Frankie knocks something big over (usually the clothes horse/climbing frame) he howls his heart out for me to come and forgive him.

If I ignore him (bad mother!) he comes racing up stairs and gets me to follow him down. Why he needs to confess I don't know - maybe he is a cat-holic cat.
as soon as i walk in murph starts rolling around on the floor, she doesnt like belly rubs either!
my bengal talks (loudly) all the time, my felix lookalike insists on washing me as well as himself - especially at 3am
my bengal talks (loudly) all the time, my felix lookalike insists on washing me as well as himself - especially at 3am and has lots of chirpy noises
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Jess washes my face every night too...and there's no keeping her away! Free scrub eh! lol

When we go to bed, she has to be touching she usually extends a paw to touch my face, bless! That's when she's not actually sprawling all over my face so I can't breathe! lol so cute, aren't they??
Awww :) HC has to do the touching thing as well, so sweet :) He definitely knows if I'm not feeling well too, almost like he's keeping an eye on me.

He's not a very vocal cat though he has moments. For a few weeks he refused to use his cat flap when I was in and I had to go let him out!

He doesn't lick my face but licks my toes!

HC does the roll thing too but he won't have his belly rubbed either! He is really finding his playful side which is lovely to see, I think he knows he can relax now after being rescued.

He comes and hides outside doors then runs off as if he wants me to chase him :)

I relented and bought him more cat balls the other day as I'll be damned if I know where most of them have gone. Reckon he's been flogging them round the estate for treats!
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Jenna...I think lost cat toys will be the only thing to survive a world cataclysm lol There must be at least 10 of them hidden around my flat...They'll still be finding them under couches when people walk around wearing space suits.
My cats Tilly and Tubby behave in a similar fashion to your Jessie, ~Max~. I always talk to them and like to think that they understand me! It's not silly at all, I believe that cats are intelligent creatures.
My cat, Nido, always talks to me, bless her. And she waits for me at the window when I get home from work. She also sits on my head/pillow while I am sleeping and usually purrs right into my ear! lol
She loves her belly being rubbed and I read somewhere that when cats show their bellies it is a sign of trust :-)
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All of my 4 cats meow when they walk in the door. From kittens I said hello to them each time they came in the house & after a while they started saying meow back.

So we have conversations about where they went, what they did, who they saw. First they meow hello, then I say hello back & we're off - having a splendid chat!
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I live on the ground floor, and Jess woke me up the other night by tapping on the window with both front paws....a closer look revealed the presence of a huge black tom cat outside my house! My baby is dating!!!! lol
Have you given Jess the sex education information; that is - is she spayed?
She likes black men does she? lol.
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lol MWB! Yes, she is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated, of course! I didn't let her out until all that was done, poor mite! lol

I would love to see where she goes and what she does when she's out!!! lol Bet she's got a better social life than me, the little beast! :-P
A responsible & caring animal owner - brilliant.

Here in NZ, the SPCA will spay/neuter cats for free if you are on a benefit, but still the majority of them don't do it! ???

BTW, my 4 cats say "meow" to Jess. :)

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