teaching cat how to use cat flap

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dmj | 13:18 Mon 05th Jan 2009 | Animals & Nature
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Hi ,

My kitten marley is 5 months old and I've just started letting him go out, the problem is he wont use the cat flap, I've tried pushing him through both inside and out but he'll only go out or come in if I open back door or kitchen window, this isnt a problem when I'm home but I work 3 days per week I want him to be able to come and go as he pleases. I dont want him to be cooped up inside for 8 hours but neither do I want him stuck outside all day, any suggestions? thanks xxx :)


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stick some tuna outside the cat flap. I bet he soon works it out.
LOL @ redcrx

Perseverve putting him through and back and as red suggested using his favourite food as bait. He will get the idea before long . lol
I have to say, I have never had a problem with mine - you just point them at the hole and they work it out.

Try propping the flap open so he gets used to going in and out of the hole while it is open, tuna will work as an incentive. Once he is popping back and through, close the cat flap - see if that works.
Just keep encouraging him as you are, and he will soon get the idea - suddenly he'll cotton on to it! Just keep practising whilst you are in the house.
I had to tie mine open for a little while to get the cat used to it. Luckily it was summer then!
Try gently lifting him into the cat flap when its open, he will soon get the hang of it.
I had to give mine some gentle persuasion to work it out of the gentle shove variety.

Initially he'd go out but not come in but he soon sussed it out.

Bribery with treats is probably the quickest way.

You could try jarring it open and smearing some butter on the lip of it for him to lick and just get used to being around it. Cats are naturally curious so it might encourage him to venture in and out.

Maybe get a toy on the end of a strong and pull in and out of the open flap so get him to chase it in and out.

Then try and call him through with a tasty treat which smells good to him like tuna on the other side as an incentive.

He might react to noises he is familiar with eg the shaking of a biscuit box when it's dinnertime.

You could put him outside and shake it on the inside to see if he comes.

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teaching cat how to use cat flap

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