My dog has swallowed a sock,please advise

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barb1314 | 16:03 Wed 24th Dec 2008 | Animals & Nature
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As in the title my 7 month old labrador has swallowed a cotton sock.I've spoken to my vet who advised giving her a bulky meal like weetabix which I've done. She is her normal lively self and the vet said if she starts to vomit then there may be a problem.Touch wood nothing so far.This was about an hour ago.Can anyone give me an idea how long this should be panicking me for.Without being disgusting when should it pass through?Any ideas.I'd be very grateful for any more advice.Thanks


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I'm not that sure about this but if there hasn't been any vomiting yet I would say that nature is taking its course though it could be tomorrow before it passes (yuk!).
There are some very knowledgeable doggy abers on here who will know more than myself. Don't worry too much.
As per Vet's advice, if he starts to vomit it may indicate that the sock is causing an obstruction. Also, if his stomach seems distended and/or sore. Otherwise, look out for it to pass through naturally, could be a few days as although food passes through the small intestine in a matter of hours, it passes throught the large intestine slowly.
Hi there barb. Well, we have 4 dogs, who've eaten everything from a Christmas cactus to the complete foot of a boot - with no ill effects. As you've been to the vet, and there's no vomiting, I assume that the sock's now being processed in your dog's digestive system, and everything'll just be expelled over the next few hours or so. I'm sure everything'll be alright. Perhaps your little lab was trying to tell you she wants a Christmas stocking!! Best wishes to you. x
Happy Christmas to noknow, knobby and yogasun. x
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Thanks to all.It was a size 4...mine! Thanks for all your replies.I am so worried but the longer she stays normal the better I feel.Trust this to happen on Christmas Eve...typical.I've got the number for the emergency vet just in case.The first problem I've had with her eating something she shouldn't but I'm sure it won't be the last.Good as gold otherwise.Hapy Christmas to you all.
Hi Ice!
A great Chrstmas to you too and all other abers!

Are you certain she has eaten it? Could she not have buried it somewhere and you just have not found it yet?

If she has eaten it then nature will probably take its course and it may reappear in the next couple of days.

Don't think you will be able to wear it now though!!!!!

I'm sorry barb but that did give me a chuckle. Hopefully nature will take its course and she will be fine.

I bet you have to hide your clothing from the monster in future LOL

Dont worry too much, dogs have very tough digestive systems, how else would they eat bones.
Many years ago I had a yorkie who ate many baby wipes
he grabbed them as fast as he could he is now 15 years old he passed them the next day he was a tiny pup at the time... hope all goes well ... twinny
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Hi everyone.Hope you had a nice Christmas Day.Thought I'd let you know the sock re appeared at 6 this morning completely intact but a bit soggy from Lottie's mouth!! All's well that ends well.Thanks so much for all your advice.Now I can laugh about it.
Check her tongue for verookas.
I had a Smooth Collie who would grab a sock as you took it off and swallow it whole before you could grab it back. It would reappear about ten minutes later, so soggy and smelly, and you could never get them clean again. Also looked after a greyhound who snatched a glove off my hand and swallowed it whole, we gave him a soda crystal which made him sick it up again. Glad she is ok.
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My dog has swallowed a sock,please advise

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