My Cat's Limping!

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x.Holly.E.x | 22:38 Tue 09th Dec 2008 | Animals & Nature
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My cat was fine the other day, and because it's been cold he slept indoors, but in the morning he had a limp on his front paw. He wouldn't let us near him, but now he is letting us closer to the paw. He's not putting weight on it, and sometimes we have to carry him. Were really worried... Any Idea what it could be?


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No, sorry, but if I were you I would take the cat to a vet if it persists.
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well were thinking of taking it to the vet, but what are pestist things?
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If he keeps on limping or having a problem with the foot.

He msy have jumped and landed awkwardly or trod on something (maybe even a wasp or something - I found a dozy one in my bathroom yesterday) and maybe has hurt a claw?
It could be he stepped on a thorn or similar, or jumped down off something and jarred his leg causing a sprain or strain at the elbow. Or else it could be an infection in between the pads of the paw. Either way I think this is one for the vet. One of my cats recently sprained her elbow, and an anti-inflammatory injection quickly improved matters. Hope your cat is soon better. Good Luck.
He could have bruised himself jumping down onto the floor. You need to take your lovely fella to the nicevetperson to establish whether it's an actual injury or just a bruise... Imagine yourself having to jump around like your lovely fella does...would you be ok ? My BigThug had exactly this problem, nicevetperson prescribed metasummat.. all ok now though... I am glad I did take her to the nicevetperson cos she got expert treatment and some x-rays eventually to eliminate broken bones...

XXX to your cat.. hope he's ok !

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My Cat's Limping!

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