parrot recovery from stroke

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nohorn | 05:06 Sat 22nd Nov 2008 | Animals & Nature
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This is an "after the situation question". I was taking care of a parrot that had a stroke. It was a high strung bird, a neighbor next door started up a back-hoe and right besides the window where the bird was,, running the machine. The bird was stressed out, had a stroke. It was found on the bottom of its cage, seemed fine except it couldn't perch, it could flap its wings. I took care of it for a week, hand feeding it, we vowed to help it rehabilitate. through exercises. It acted like a chick, hanging on with its bil on my collar. Well, it died of other reasons. My question is it all possible to rehabilitate a 9-year old parrot, would it ever improve? Maybe it was a blessing that it died of other reasons, Maybe it saved us from having making a decision of euthanasia. Perhaps your anwers will make us feel better. I did something really stupid, is why it died, of course I feel really bad about that. Thanking you in advance for your thoughts!


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I had a well-loved budgie who suffered a similar fate. He took off when a bird on a TV programme gave a distress call, and walloped into the livng room wall. He spent about a week apparently paralysed, couldn't mve or feed himself and only able to look out of one eye. But he didn't die. In the end I opted for euthansia and still feel very sad about the whole thing even though it was a long time ago.
The point is, you do the very best you can, and in the wild these creatures would die horrible deaths being chewed by scavengers. Even their own kind reject them when they fall ill. So in the great scheme we have done a good turn for a another being to the best of our knowledge and abilities. Don't beat yourself up about it. Hindsight is the most accurate science and we can all spot what we should have done afterwards. Concentrate on the truth that you did your best with the best of intentions, and then move on.
It is extremely difficult to bring a parrot back to full recovery from a serious ailment. Paralysis can be caused by various causes and an accurate diagnosis of the ailment is often only possible by postmortem.

You have obviously done everything you were able to and shouldn't feel guilty. A bird is not an easy pet to nurse through illness as they will often reject any help, not realising that we are trying to support them.
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Thank you wildwood and olelady for taking the time to answer. I do feel better. What I did was, he was in a box with a heating pad because the house was cold and drafty; it was too hot for him.

Thank you again!

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parrot recovery from stroke

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