My poor dog!

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nannon | 15:48 Thu 23rd Oct 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Oh i posted this yesterday but its gone!

Our little Westie has had an operation to remove and "remake" her ligament in her hind leg. That was yesterday, she was extremely groggy from the anesthetic, more so than she was when she had some glands removed a couple if weeks ago. i stayed downstairs with her last night because i was worried about her, she cant seem to sleep in the cone collar thing that she must wear and it seems to make her breathing difficult, I have taken it off (as I am sat with her so can make sure she is not pulling her stitches) But her breathing still seems raspy. She does not appear to be comfortable lying down and sits up with her head upright, She is however eating, and has had water, but the next problem is that she has not been to the toilet, even for a wee, since yesterday morning, I carry her outside to her usual place but she cannot squat as she can put no weight on her leg - i am so worried. My dad thinks she is ok and just recovering but i am so worried.

We have a vets appoinment tomorrow - just wondering how to make her more comfortable for tonight! I want to leave her collar off so she can sleep tonight but of course if i am asleep i cant stop her from pulling her stitches if she started to! Help!


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My little westie had a simular op in january she had to have some of her femur removed (leg perthese disease) what your dog is doing mine did, I hope your vet prescribed Metacam for the pain, I ended up going back to the vets the same day as i bought her home, she was in agony and couldnt handle it, in the end he sidated her and i was allowed to bring her back home, the breathing is mostprobably like that due to the pain, My vet told me to put peas on her (frozen) to keep the inflamation down but she couldt cope with the pressure on her wound, Give your vet another ring as there things they can give them to ease it a little, you feel so helpless its awful,
Ps she wount pooh for a good few days (anisthetic) bungs them up, But be strong do not leave her unattended without her collar on, it only takes a second for them to pull them out and you wouldnt want her to get an infection + more vets fees+ more pain, good luck
@ least she's on the mend.had a long stint when our cat was run over, all best wishes
I would give the vet a ring - even if only to put your mind at rest.

Better to ring now than wait until after hours (they may say pop her in at the end of surgery just so they can check her).

Ask their advice about the collar - they may have another type that is more comfortable.

If it is worrying you that much I would say follow your instincts - you know your own dog better than anyone.
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thank you very much for your replies - I'll call the vets later when they open just to see what they think. Her breathing has improved greatly even since i have posted this. I think its because i let her lie next to me on the sofa (i was VERY careful that she didnt jump down herself) and she had a good sleep for about an hour and a half without the collar on which is the longest she has slept since yesterday! I am worried that she hasnt had a wee, it seems to painful for her to stand properly, but i wouldnt even mind if she had an accident in the house at the moment just as long as she goes!!
If its going in one end it will sooner or later come out the other!

Seriously, it is surprising how long they can hold on, my present dog hates the rain and when we have a really bad day he can go 16 hours without going out for a wee - even if I drag him out he just stands with his head down refusing to do anything except go back in the house!

I am sure she will be fine, as long as she is eating and drinking and keeping everything down that is the main thing.

They can also play on things (enjoying being nursed) so make sure you are not just being fooled!! Do you usually allow her on the sofa? If not then she will probably be allowed from now on.

The vet won't mind you giving them a ring - they prefer that when they are open, rather than getting them out of bed at 3 in the morning.

They are a worry when they are ill, I sleep downstairs on the sofa with my old boy now as he cannot get up the stairs and he is too big to carry!
our cat had to have her leg off 3 weeks ago she peed on the tuesday evening when she came home and did not pee again till the saturday morning vet checked her over on the thursday and said dont panic she will pee when she is ready and she didnt poo for over a week ,she also was breathing very heavy for the first few days i think it was stress and pain when she sat on my lap she seemed to calm down and be better. hope all goes well i am sure it will
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She does seem to be doing ok, she is usually allowed on the sofa - she is a spoilt little madam much to my fathers disgust! She has her own blanket to get under when she is cwtched up! I think thats why she slep so well this afternoon becase she was close to us. The vet said no sofas or beds so we had made her stay in her basket which is why she was stressed probably!
Ruthann - thanks for your reassurance about the weeing issue - i guess if she was desperate she would! Hopefully she will be stronger tomorrow - and the cets appointment in the evening will put my mind at rest i'm sure!
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Oh and thank you for all answers!

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My poor dog!

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