Please answer fast buying dog now!!!

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loza | 17:10 Tue 21st Oct 2008 | Animals & Nature
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I am buying a 2 and a half year old dogue de bordeaux this evening off an owner who seems genuine.

Only one problem due to me buying the dog for a cheaper than most price (due to the owner requesting a good family home and not to bothered about price) they are refusing to hand over the papers with the dog....they say they will gladly show me the papers but won't give them to me as they want their bitch to have a forever home and not to be bred.
This doesn't bother me as I too do not want to breed her but my partner is worried and doesn't think we should go ahead with the sale, as he thinks that by the owner holding onto these documents they still have legal ownership of the dog....what would anyone suggest I do? please be quick....thanks xx


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Sellling a potentially expensive dog on the cheap and keeping the papers?

Doesn't sound right at all, does it? He could have had her sterilised if he's that concerned about her breeding
I would be very wary about it too. Ask yourself the question would you by a car without the documentation?? In fact would you buy anything without the documentation?? I know it seems like a good deal but the last thing you wanna do is buy the dog become attached to it and then they still have a claim over the dog.

The only thing you could do is draw up a contract/agreement and get them to sign it when you hand the money over stating they have no claim over the dog and ask for a copy of the paperwork

Just have a think before rushing in to anything and good luck with it all
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thanks for your very quick responses.....
I have already drafted a contract and printed three copies were me and my partner would sign and the previous owner too.
My partner and I will speak with the owner when they arrive shortly, what kind of things shall we say without them thinking we are being nasty about it? We can clearly tell this bitch is full breed, she's excellent quality. Maybe they don't want us to breed her....and I know it must be hard for them to take our word for it.
If they sell the dog, they cannot put restrictions on what her new owners do - otherwise they are only 'lending' the dog.

As I said, if they cared that much about her being bred, they would put her out o the misery of being on heat.

Ethel You are wrong I am afraid to tell you. If a dog is KC registered the breeder can put a restriction on weather the bitch is bread in the future. I thought you knew about this dog stuff?
if they dont want her bred then why arent they keeping her or giving her away to a good home rather than selling her.

will they also be signing over any ID registrations or will they be keeping that in their names?

personally I wouldnt pay for a dog that came with restrictions like that. Buy from a reputable breeder and get the registration docs
I dont see the problem with it personally. Just go through the documents with a fine tooth comb. You have drafted out documents so u have your head screwed on. Just check the dog is in good health etc. The people on here will tell u what to check for health wise etc etc. Wet nose I think, bright eyes, liook in mouth, responsiveness etc etc etc etc

Good luck and hope it fits in to your home nicely
How odd gravy. At 15.39 you announced you were leaving this site.
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Thankyou for all your replies. I think I will let speak with them face to face this evening and get them to sign my drafted contract. Is this legally biding??
We will see tonight and I shall let you know first thing tomorrow whether we went ahead with the sale.
Thanks x
gravy - it's BRED, not bread, and if they are keeping the KC docs that restriction doesn't apply.
yes but all i was pointing out is that your statement is wrong. and yes it does apply. the KC will not allow it to be bred who ever has the documents. I am not getting at you Ethel I just dont want you misguiding people thats all. I am just trying to help
OK now for the real answer. The only proof of ownership is a sales receipt. Breeders/owners often sell dogs without registration papers, but are usually happy to show/give you the pedigree. Nothing on earth would be able to stop you breeding from her other than if she had already been spayed, you just would not be able to register the pups with the KC, so this is probably what they are trying to do.
Any person who breeds/owns a KC registered dog can WHILE THE DOG IS IN THEIR ACTUAL POSSESSION place an endorsement on the registration 'progeny not eligible for registration' but this cannot be done once the dog has left their possession, so unless this is already on the registration it would be too late to do it, unless you signed an agreement saying you knew this was going to be
put on. Without this agreement or if the endorsement was not already in place the KC would agree to you requesting them to remove the endorsement.

So I would say go ahead if you are happy to take the bitch on without wanting to register any puppies. I would say though that if you are trying to get a cheap dog for breeding then think again, because any reputable stud dog owner would not let their dog be mated to a bitch without papers, and you would find it difficult to sell unregistered puppies unless they were very cheap.

I hope this helps. I would also find out why they are parting with her, and whether they actually bred her or bought her from a breeder. If the latter I would suggest you contact the breeder to let them know you have her and she has got a good home (hopefully!). Most reputable breeders want to know where their pups go.

One more thing, be prepared for lots of slobber, on the walls, on the tv screen,up the fridge door, in fact anywhere they can project it!
So you see My advice was right all along. well said Lankeela. Your my favorite ABer
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of course
Bigmamma is that the type of dog that was in the film Turner and Hooch? It certainly looks like it!
Don't automatically take their word for why they are selling her.

People mainly lie when they want rid of a dog.

Do you know where they live? Are the contact numbers you have for them real?

Ask for a vet check BEFORE you hand over the money to make sure she has no serious health problems (like HD etc). that are going to cost you a fortune in the future.

Also make sure you can handle a dog of that size if the worst happens and she turns nasty on you. I say this as a friend recently took on a Rhodesian Ridgeback (one year old male) through a breed rescue. He was fine and totally normal for the first week, then he suddenly for no reason turned on the husband twice and seriously damaged his arms. The third week he turned on my friend and had her pinned down, her husband managed to pull him off and they locked the dog in the kitchen. The following day they had to throw a drugged pie through the hatch which he ate and knocked him out. The vet put him to sleep an hour later. These people were experienced with the breed.

I don't wish to scare you, but these are BIG, strong dogs, make sure you can handle it if things go wrong.
It does look like it daffy , not sure though sweetie , I had to google this breed and post it in case I wasn't the only person who didn't now what this breed looks like :-)
are you sure this dog is not a missing or stolen

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