Getting a second cat.......

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pastafreak | 20:42 Wed 24th Sep 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Caspar...the hyperactive deaf cat.... is driving me crazy......he follows me around like a baby and shouts constantly. He has just 'discovered' the kitchen window sil......and there is fur everywhere!!.......he needs a companion.

My question is.....a kitten? another cat of similiar age(14 months)...or a much older and wiser mog? Male or female??

My thought is that it should be a grumpy older cat who is willing to give the little monster a smack when he misbehaves...


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Hi pasta - I can really say I know what you mean here. My old lady is deaf and as soon as I come through the door she sets up yelling and just won't shut up! I love her dearly but she drives me mad at times.
A companion can help - I do have another cat and they get on brilliantly. Kittens are hard work but Caspar may like a little one to take under his wing. She cats can sometimes be more stand-offish but my 2 are gorgeous. Personally I would try for a slightly older cat who is used to other cats. A neutered male may be better but perhaps a female would like to mother him!
Good luck and invest in some earplugs!
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LOL ..Caspar would love mothering-he's a lazy beast!!
I had a cat then got a kiten when he was 2. He was really grumpy about it at first, but then you not what kittens are like, he really looked up to him and kept wanting to be with him.
So then as the kitten grew into a cat they've become really good friends.
A few years back I also adopted an older cat that needed a home, but he doesn't get on with him at all-I think as there both set in there ways.
However the younger cat who I had as a kiten gets on fine with new boy.
I think it just depends on the personality of both cats, but if they're both on there own I'm sure they'l bond eventually!

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Getting a second cat.......

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