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mumofone73 | 17:31 Wed 24th Sep 2008 | Animals & Nature
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my cat has been missing since 8th oct im worry that he has been shut in someones shed i have put posters up in shop windows and no one seem to have seen him
i worry that he can not live without water and food if he shut away or may be hurt somewhere
how long can a cat survive??


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Probably not for nearly 12 months!

If the cat's been missing since last October, then I think he's gone for good.

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8th oct this year
oh dear - you don't live anywhere near Chree, triggerhappy or rTadron do you? Or me?!

only joking. sorry, poor taste.
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It' s only September !
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sorry but 8th sept this year
typing to fast
Why not try put some info into your neighbours letter box they might have a look in their sheds..outhouses..garages ect also if you live on a street put info up on telepone poles all this might help.So sorry for your worry, hope he soon returns unharmed.g.
Try looking up any trees nearby, thats where my neighbours cat was when it went missing for 2 days and 2 nights - it couldn't get back down.
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we not allowed to put poster up on poles but there no law in putting though letterboxes plus we live on a main road but i have look up and down and no seen him
the only problem i have is that he cant meow like normal cats but makes this funny squeaking noise but will have a look up trees
thanks for all your help x
How old is he? Has he been newted?
Have you checked with RSPCA or local cat home?
Someone may have found him and taken him there.

Like others say just keep word out and get leaflets out. Our cat was once locked in someone's garage for 3 days, luckily they found him and let him out.

Other possibilites are he's on the prowl-looking for a female to mate with, or someone else may be feeding him, and he has taken up home with them-did he wear a collar?
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he's only 2 and half yrs old , he doesnt have a collar on and hes not micochipped either but he is newted so dont think there any worrys there
i did think about someone else is feeding him he does like his food and i have phone ever vets in my area and the RSPCA but there havnt had any cats reported yet there have took all my details
one of my other cats went missing for 4 days in my next doors shed but he has been gone for 3 weeks on mondays which seem to me a long time.
im worried that he is in someones shed and they have gone away but what worring me is how long can he survive (hope i spell that right) with out food and water if he is trapped ?? ure/Pets/Question634563.html

mumofone73 - I hope this gives you hope, good luck

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