Can men lactate?

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chris_rabbit | 18:43 Tue 22nd Jan 2002 | Animals & Nature
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Is this possible given enough stimuli to the nipples?


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It is possible but only in rare circumstances. The male nipple does have residual breast tissue behind it, and in cases of severe, prolonged hormonal upset there have been instances of male "lactation". But this requires a hormonal problem for a number of years....essentially the residual breast tissue (and in some men there isnt enough of this to do it anyway) must go through puberty. The most likely cause of any seepage ( and this probably accounts for some recorded cases of male lactation as well) is pus from an infection.
From the research I'm doing on the topic, yes, it is possible through breast/nipple stimulation for a man to lactate.  Real milk too.  Not puss from an infection or years of some hormonal imbalance.
Well, I am 22 and I believe I lactate, and I remember the first "seepage" I incured was from when I was randomly playing with my nipples when I was ~18 and it occures mainly in my right nipple (5-10 drops once to twice per day if I squeeze) and maybe a drop or 2 from the left, it only happens if I squeeze, so... pus maybe but I have no idea, should get the doc to check next time I have the money to go...

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Can men lactate?

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