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smurfchops | 10:47 Wed 30th Jul 2008 | Animals & Nature
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My cat was sick a couple of times when I gave him Felix last week, then I gave him some white fish and he was OK. However over the past couple of days he has been off his food, and a bit sleepy, I presume its due to the hot weather. Then yesterday even tho it was cooler, and he was alert, he was still off his food -- very unusual for a cat who eats like a labrador. This was all with Felix by the way. I left him out some Felix before we went to bed last night and he has been sick again during the night .. not the trots though. Today he had some tuna and seemed to keep that down. Do you think it is the weather, or a bug, should I wait and give him a few more days with some white fish and tuna (no more Felix) or take him to my very expensive vet ? He is fine aprt from the feeding and seems hungry, but he just looks at the food and doesn't eat it.


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He's not been right for a week. I would take him to the vet.
Hi smurfchops. If you are worried of course take him to the vets.
My cat shows similar behaviour, some days she will eat for Europe and is not fussy. On other days she can be sick. I have not been able to see any particular pattern. I mentioned it to my vet at the last visit but she said they can be "sicky" creatures, but not to worry if they were alright in every other respect
Take him to the vets.....they're good at dishing out fat bills.


Put it in an open out-house with water and food. So it has the choice of menu from what you supply and what it feels it needs from nature.
Same thing has happened to my sister's cat and vet said he was dehydrated because of the weather. She was advised not to fuss if he didn't eat but to keep him cool and make sure he has plenty of water. (He was drinking a lot as well).
Vets are expensive because they have to do a lot of training to be able to answer all the problems people present them with and expect answers to, and also to maintain surgeries full of expensive equipment with which to treat them. Now I am not saying I am a millionaire, but if I have an animal that I think may need a vet's advice or treatment I take it, despite the cost.
I wish other people would do the same, ok give them a day or two if its nothing serious, but after a week I think something needs to be done.
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Hi and thanks for replies. Just to clarify, he was sick a week ago on Felix, when I changed his food to tuna and white fish he was fine Then hot weather came along and he was a bit listless. I kept cooling him down with a wet cloth ! Then a week later he was sick again in Felix ... I think they put these tins out in the heat and maybe they 'go off' in the lorries ... who knows ? I put him back on white fish yesterday and he is fine again. He doesn't drink much water, but he likes cat milk. He seems fine now though. I do take him to the vet when he is ill but charging �5.00 for one worm tablet is out of order, and the price vets charge for Frontline is ridiculous when you can buy it online for half the price.
I would be very wary of giving my cats more than a very small amount of tuna (tinned) and quite infrequently. I believe it is very bad for cats and might cause illness - something to do with the salt and preservatives I believe...but please check this out for yourself or ask your vet to put your mind at rest. As for a lot of the tinned supermarket catfood - take a look at the nasty and sometimes addictive additives and preservatives they put in it to get our cats/dogs to eat it. It's all done so that we think they love the stuff and we keep buying more and more of it. Makes the capitalists rich but at what price for our poor pets?

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Cat been sick

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