Fleas and frontline... has anyone else found this no longer works?

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obNOXious | 17:15 Tue 29th Jul 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Hi I use frontline regularly on my dogs, (appropriate weight to dosage ratio) and have never had a problem with a flea infestation on them.... until now.
I noticed them scratching well before they were due for their next application and lo and behold there were fleas...
So I dosed them again ( 2 weeks earlier than they should have been done). This was last week and there are still live fleas depsite this and despite regular grooming. Has anyone else noticed this at all, I'm wondering if fleas are now becoming immune in some way to what was previously a really good product, so now I'm sitting with a tooth comb removing the damned things, having dosed the house with staykill etc, and I'm at a slight loss as to what to try next, can't dose them again as they were only done last week... any suggesitons gratefully recieved.


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Ring your vet, i am a fan of frontline,but maybe he can tell you what product can help!!!
What sort of Frontline do you use? I only ever use the spray, I find the spot on doesn't kill them, but prevents them from breeding. The spray is a knock down and kills them within hours.
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That's interesting Lankeela, it is the spot on I've been using, just never noticed a problem before, but you also find that it doesn't kill them just stops them breeding.
I have never liked any of the spot on treatment as they are absorbed into the bloodstream. As they contain breeding inhibitors I don't like the thought of what they could do to the animal. I use the spray when I first see any signs of itching or flea dirts, although I never use as much as they say. I don't soak them, and having several dogs, if they jump from one to another they get got anyway! You can then spray again a few days later if you need to, although in most cases one spray lasts several weeks.
Frontline can take up to 24 hours to kill fleas on the animal, so even after treatment you can still see live fleas.

If you think the Fronltine isn't working on your dogs any more, tell the vet and they can report it to the drug company, and switch you to something that does work.

Lankeela. As I believe it, Frontline spot on isn't actually absorbed into the bloodstream but spreads over the skin forming a barrier. e/1gsy4/About_Us/FAQ_about_frontline.html#Q9

See question 'How Safe is......................'

NOX, I'm having to use it earlier than usual this year as well.
seems to be a problem this year, 3 cats and 1 dog all suffering, sprayed house,cats,dogs and anything else i can find, spent a fortune...and still they suffer,
Might be wrong but i think its one of the effects of mild winters...
I definitely find the spray frontline more effective for dogs. The spot on one must be for the correct size of dog. I find the spot on front line for cats to be ok.
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My vet no longer stocks Frontline but now sells Prac-tic instead. I did not ask why but maybe they ,too, have decided that Frontline is no longer effective.
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Spoke to my vet ( I got this from a large pet shop dept) who is also no longer stocking frontline as in her words it ' seems to have had it's day'. She wasn't surprised that it didn't appear to be working and advised me against using anything further for 28 says though, so I'm a very busy lad with a fine tooth comb at the moment and not at all happy:(
I have the same problem. DId you find a solution?
I have an indoor cat who I have treated 3 times with Frontline in the last 2 months. I know you are supposed to wait 30 days, but it just wasn't working. I have also set off flea bombs in every room even though I wasn't getting flea bitten. My cat never goes outside. I have always counted on Frontline in the past for my inside cat and my outside dog and it has always worked well. I asked our dog groomer about it and she said that fleas were immune to Frontline and they are now using Advantix. I haven't gotten it yet, but when I do start using it, I will let you know.

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Fleas and frontline... has anyone else found this no longer works?

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