Over-affectionate cat??? :O)

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~max~ | 16:22 Thu 10th Jul 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Hi all! My cat Jessie is now 11 months old, and a house cat. She is an absolute delight, and always wants to cuddle and be petted. That's the "problem" Whenever I'm sat on the couch, with the laptop, she climbs all over me, rubs her head against the couch, or the laptop whilst doing weird noises (something like "Mmmmmrrrrrrrrrrr" very high pitched! lol). She will not leave me alone!!! Even when she's having one of her "crazy kitten moments" and I have to put a stop to her antics (loves scratching my posters), if I say a stern "NO!" and remove her from the furniture, she'll throw herself on the floor, and ask for a belly rub!!! She follows me everywhere, and if I dare close the door of the bathroom, she'll cry outside until I open it again!
Every night, she climbs into my bed as soon as I turn the light off, and starts licking and pawing my face while purring. Same every morning (there's no faking sleep! lol).
Is it normal, or do I have a particularly over-affectionate kitty? I had cats before, and they've never shown so much affection....I'm wondering if maybe she has issues with being a single cat? Should I get her a play mate?Thanks!


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LOL, max! She sounds adorable! Although, I say that and Whiskey is similar and he does bug me, LOL!

Sheri is a funny thing; she'll come to you for a cuddle very occasionally (and it's never for long), but she's very playful and sits on the landing so she can bop you over the head as you walk up the stairs. She can't miaow (no one knows why), but she belches (she's a plump, little thing) and vibrates across the floor instead of walking because she purrs so much. :)

Whiskey is a miserable, old b*gger with everyone but me. I can't sit anywhere without him trying to get on my lap. He does annoy me when he follows me in the dark, though, as I always trip over him. Wouldn't be without him, though. He's as much family to me as my little brother who we "got" at the same time. :)
I think she's in love - she's exhibiting the pure and simple unadulterated joy of just being with you! Lucky you! :)

Another 'mate' might help, but as long as she isn't on her own for long periods and you don't have to explain an over affectionate pet to any one else- I'd enjoy the unconditional adoration!
we have got one like that at the moment she is sitting on the back of the sofa purring away as soon as this lap top is off my lap she will be there
we had a lovely cat called conker who came to us at 4 weeks old .she must have thought i was her mummy as for the next 17 years she seemed to be superglued to me. she was very small and would sit on your shoulder while walking around the house. when she had kittens she would only leave them by putting them on my lap. she put herself on my bed at ten pm every evening, her last year of life she was totally blind but managed very well.she is very sadly missed.
Oh, it hurts so much when we loose them, but they are so worth it!
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AW! such lovely answers! I don't want to think of losing her, she's my baby...:O(
I'm definitely counting myself lucky, although it can be annoying at times! lol
I'm not working, so I'm there almost 24/7. and when I'm not, she'll wait on the windowsill until I come back! Bless!!!

As we speak, she's still doing her weird "mmmmmrrrrr" thing, and had a quick run up my back! lol Little devil, I wouldn't change her for the world though, bless! x
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RuthAnn, at least yours waits until the laptop is off your lap to jum on you! lol Try typing with a cat literally embrassing your face between her front legs!!! lol :O)
all kitties are different. my eldest (sneakers) was a foundling who i think had been treated badly in a former life, so is affectionate, but likes her own space, has a short temper and turns on you occaisionally for no reason. my youngest (smudge) came to us as a older kitten my friend was unable to rehome. at first she was almost feral (because she grew up with 13 other cats!) but has now settled down into a lovely family pet.

like yours, she's into everything i do, loves cuddles, tickles and talks (loudly!) all the time! she also is entirely food orientated and will start the wake up routine sometimes at 4am and never takes no (or other rude phrases) for an answer! she is more like a little baby and loves human contact and warmth - ok if your in the mood, but it can be tiring if you want to chill out!

you could get her a playmate, but be aware of the cost of maintaining your pet(s) doubling and the settling in period (for old and new cats) can be long, stressful and may not work out how you think it might! but kitties are so worth it! good luck!
mine has been like that for the past 18 years
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Yes, Stonekicker, I think I'll wait until I have my own house. She is perfectly content as she is now, although I can't open a window or she'll slip through it....:O(
It makes me feel really guilty not allowing her out, do you think it's selfish? I just don't want anything happening to her, it would kill me! I live very near a busy road, I don't think I could bring myself to allow her out in those circumstances. Hopefull I'll eventually have a good job and enough money to get a house more in the countryside. Still feel guilty though, which is why I'm wondering if I should get a second cat so they can amuse each other?
PS how about VIKI

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I<m really really sorry for that
Meant to post it under Kleibers thread
Again apologies
Regards JR
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That made me laugh, and that's better than any apology! :O)

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