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elephanto | 19:04 Thu 03rd Jul 2008 | Animals & Nature
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My 6month old puppy does not have worms -yet........... but she eats and drinks everything she finds from delicious cow pats to rabbit smarties and from slurry smoothies to stagnant moat water. I want to prevent her from getting worms as a precaution. She had Panacur whilst still with her breeder. She's about 14lbs weight now. Any suggestions?


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I use Drontal or Panacur, and it is cheaper to buy online than at the vets. Ideally they should be wormed quarterly, although I do mine every six months or so. But dependant on when you had her, ideally she should have been done at around 16 weeks/four months of age? ex&cPath=17&zenid=61e330dfcc07b93d9b7bd4dbd5ab 5a40
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Thankyou Jules - do you do a 3 day programme with Panacur granules? She had her last worming in March when she was3- 4 months old but just feel I should protect her as she tastes everything. Is it too soon? Thank you for the link - very much cheaper on line.
Panacur are a three day dose, but Drontal are just once, the tablets are given dependant on body weight.
All puppies have worms because they are transmitted through the mother's milk. A regular worming programme is essential throughout a dogs life.
Since you got your puppy from a reputable breeder I would go back to them for advice. They will be delighted that you are keeping in touch & really appreciate an update on 'their baby'. They will give you a full worming programme to follow & advise on the best suppliers.
There are two main types to worm for, roundworms & tapeworms. Alternatively you could call your local vet surgery & ask for some worming advice over the phone, tell them you want a programme or schedule of when to worm, for what & how often. They will most likely have some free leaflets to give you if you decide to call into the surgery. Ask the prices of the wormers & then you can compare when you go shopping. Most pet shops & superstores also sell wormers now. Good luck - x.
I worm my puppies at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, then 6 months and every six months thereafter unless there is a specific reason such as a flea invasion or about to mate a bitch.

I use Panacur Liquid 10% for in whelp bitches and baby puppies, then Drontal Plus tablets for adults.

Much cheaper online than the vets, and the vets will tell you to do them every three months, but unless there is a specific reason such as fleas or eating lots of things like wild rabbits then there is no need.

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