Westie piddles when meets anyone.

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elephanto | 14:31 Wed 04th Jun 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Help! My 20 week old Westie gets excited when greeting people that she piddles with excitement. How on earth can I stop her from doing this? Even when we've been on a long walk for an hopur every morning when she comes home and runs into the kitchen to greet my husband she still manages to find some!!!!!!!!!! She is toilet trained other than these little accidents. I need to break the habit somehow.


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My little one Cleo did that to start with!
Whenever we saw another dog or anything, she would get so excited and pee all over the place!
She seems to have grown out of it now, and is still only a pup at 6 months old!

Hope your pup grows out of it to, but in the mean time I'd just say you have to live with it!
Aww bless her, my puppy did this.

Hopefully she will grow out of it but could you try and train her to calm down when someone comes in, that she quietly comes to sit by them and waits to be said hello to.

If she does that then you can make a fuss.

It may take a while and a fair bit of patience though! Maybe try coming in over and over again and trying to get her to react in the way you want when they hear the door etc...

It may help if they are ignored if they come jumping and barking but fussed when they are good and come calmly.

When bringing her in then train her to stop with you and walk in quietly. Don't let her through the door until she does this.

If the dog wants a fuss and attention then she will soon learn that doing things your way means she gets more :)

You and everyone involved must be consistent though.

You could also try word commands, use the tone of voice to get across what you mean.
Agree with the other two posts - at 20 weeks she's still a baby! Little children pee themselves when they get excited too ...
hate to say this, but I have one who has just gone three, and when 'certain' friends come round the house that she doesnt see very often, they have to walk straight past her and take her outside before speaking to her, as she still wees with excitement........
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Jenna thankyou for taking the time to help. Some good advice. I'll try training my husband to ignore her and then give her the treat when she has calmed down. I'll also try to get her to sit at the door when someone comes. Sounds easy but I know that it will take a little time. Thank you again.
I hate to tell you this but as a breed they are renowned for it.
In adtion to the good advice you have already been given....
one of my pups did this when little...a practical help is to take the pup outside just before anyone is expected so the reservoir is empty! We had a rule of first thing when coming indoors even after a big walk was to go straight out to the garden to wee!

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Westie piddles when meets anyone.

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