Fish harassment

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Princess Sue | 00:24 Wed 21st May 2008 | Animals & Nature
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I have a male gold swordtail fish (At least I think it's male), who is permanently irrating a tetra fish. He chases him around and bites him all the time - is there anything I can do to stop this? He also chases the small gold fish - but they swim away and don't get bitten. Will he be better if I get him a mate?


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Is your tank overstocked? How many fish in what sized tank?
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I have a 2ft 80 litre tank. I have 18 fish in it - but the swordtail is the biggest and a loach, (about 2" each) the rest are all small fish. Thanks
Remove the mooching swordtail fish ... problem solved.
Swordtails are randy little sods. Get it a mate or two.
80 litres - is that approx 20 gallons? If so I reckon you're borderline overstocked, which could be causing territory problems.
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Not sure if I get it a mate it will be overcrowding? I did have a big fish that someone gave me - not sure what it was but it had two long feelers - but when he was in there the sword tail behaved ok - think he has decided he's the biggest now! anyway, how do I get rid of it?!
How do you get rid of the fish? A local fish shop will take it off your hands. Getting rid of him will calm the rest of the tank down too... unnecessary stress can make fish susceptible to various deseases and ailments.
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Thank you all for your help. Will ring the local fish shop tomorrow - as I really think he has to go. Thanks everyone. Will have more fish questions soon - as I am a beginner - but trying hard and reading everything I can - but actuall enjoying watching the fish!
Have a look/join here... excellent forum :o)

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Fish harassment

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