Fox/badger poo?

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shivvy | 14:35 Tue 15th Apr 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Can anyone describe what badger and/or fox poo looks like please? Even better, a link to a photo would be great.
I have seen some poos round my garden and the field beside my house and I am trying to identify who/what might have left them there! They are very dark, like a dark grey/black colour and look a bit like molten tar. They are probably the size of a medium dog poo. Often they seem to be on top of taller clumps of grass in the field.
I know it is a bit gross (photos of poo - lovely!) but if anyone could help identify them I would be very grateful.


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Sorry, I don't have a photo. I am very confident that you have fox poo. Our very stupid springer spaniel rolled in some last year. It has the most vile smell. I refused to let him get back into the car and ' persuaded ' my long suffering husband to walk him home.
I can't believe I have just posted a picture of fox's poo!!!
And badgers jpg

You could google for this information - as I just have
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if you every go over fox poo with your lawnmower boy dose it stink :-(
just a thought this shouldn't have been posted in A&N it should have been posted in chatterbank as we are all talking a load of S*it ;-)
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Great answers - thanks all.
I think it must be the work of a fox although (just to be a bit more revolting coming up to teatime!) the poos don't match the pictures that well. They are definately that dark colour but they look more like a tar-like consistency and as if they have not much solidity ie like an only half filled sausage or like molten lava that has hardened.
I am beginning to make myself feel a bit queasy so I think I had better stop now!
You would just need to borrow my dog shivvy , she won't roll in anything poo !!!!
There can be a great difference in the visual beauty of a heap of fox/badger poo. It very much depends on where they hang out as their diet determines the consistency and colour. The smell also depends on the diet; the more animal prey, the stronger the pong.

For some reason I can now smell something unpleasant. What a funny thing the mind is.
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Thanks bigmamma but I have a pup of my own who is getting quite good at sneaking a little roll in when my head is turned!
Useful info too wildwood.

I'll settle for fox poo and let there be no more chat about it!!
Or, as dustypuss says maybe we should transfer the question to Chatterbank!
Thanks everyone.
I have the same question funny enough! Something has been using my cat biscuits as a litter in my cat house -only for wee mind But out around the garden there is unidentifiable poo.It looks a little like the picture posted on here of fox poo but it probably resembles goose poo more-more dark and sludgy and with the occasionly white ish sludge running along in in it- any one any more ideas because although it could be foxes I\'m not convinced.As well as that,my dog tends to roll in vial smelling stuff but has left this alone.
Hope this help Media URL:
The faeces may also contain evidence as to the badgers diet. Black and slimy, implies a worm-rich diet. However, there may also be evidence of cereal, grains, seeds or even insect casings. Media URL:

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Fox/badger poo?

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