Frogs eating Goldfish???

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davidjps | 14:21 Tue 19th Feb 2008 | Animals & Nature
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Hi. I've had a gargen pond for 2 years and for that time we've had frogs and goldfish living together quite happily. However, this morning I noticed that a frog was on top of one of my goldfish who's now dead at the bottom of the pond. The goldfish are about 4 inches long now, but I've never noticed this behaviour before. I've also noticed my other Goldfish hiding. Is this common?


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Think ive heard about this before.....

If memory serves me right.....(I'm going to be so embarrassed if im wrong here)......are they trying to hump the fish?

Will scout round and get back to you!
Yes Boo you are right. Basically when they are spawning they latch on to the fish thinking it is a mate and don't let go. Obviously the fish eventually dies.
Also forgot to mention that if you see frogs/toads in your pond then get them out asap as they carry diseases which can spread to the fish as well as latching on to them to spawn.
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Thanks guys. At least I know whats going on now.
Frog diseases spreading to fish...first i've heard of it in 35 years of keeping to enlighten me kaztuz ?
Hammerman - amphibians pass on trichodina (which is a parasite) on to fish in ponds.
oops, do I need to get the spawn out then, as I dont want to be over run with frogs humping the fish!
Oh thank gawd I'd heard/read right somewhere- I'd have looked a real twonk if I was wrong, lol.

I did have a scout round Google, but couldn't find anything out about over amorous frogs with goldfish.
OMG....Trichodina.....let's empty every pond and kill all the frogs.

Frogs and toads carry trichodina and pretty much every pond will be infected with it. It will only affect the fish if their immune system is weak and is only possitively identified by doing a scrape and viewing under a microscope

Right, i'm off to knock all my koi on the head cos they're dooooomed i tell yer.

Talk about panic
I wouldnt worry about tadpoles in a pond full of fish.... guess what eats tadpoles!!
hammerman, what's up man? I've always viewed you as one of the sensible valued contributors to this forum, however, this morning you appear to be uncharacteristically sarcastic. Have I missed something?

-- answer removed --
Wildwood....don't mean to be sarcastic....well i do really but i get bloody annoyed with people who come on here and give out misleading advice to people who don't know better. Frogs have being spawning in ponds full of fish for centuries and most people encourage them into their garden and ponds....i have a 1,000 gallon pond just for fish and wildlife and there's loads of frogs in there. However, the same pond housed some of my koi before i built them a 3,000 gallon pond. I would welcome the frogs in there too but it is difficult for them to get out and i don't wan't them drowning. None of my koi ever succumbed to Trichodina.

Kaztuz's reply above seemed to border on panicking...."OMG...everyone get the frogs out of their ponds as it will wipe the entire fish population out" type attitude and that was totally uncalled for.

As stated in the original question, fish are more at risk this time of year if the male frogs can't find a mate. It's not unheard of for females to have 5 or 6 amorous males clinging to her and in the process, inadvertently drowned her !!! As we've seen, fish can be at risk too although not very common thankfully.

Hope this helps
Hammerman - I don't usually get dragged in to these things but now you've started. I have been a member of answerbank for some time now and I was just pointing something out and lets face it the fish are obviously stressed by the frogs being in there and if they are stressed they are more likely to pick up parasites and davidjps is obviously not that sure about all things pondlike.

I was just trying to be helpful and if thats the thanks I get I probably won't bother in the future. I really can't stand sarcastic know it alls. My husband and I are also avid koi keepers and have been for a number of years we are also members of a koi club and the BKKS, and as with any hobby like fishkeeping people have different views and opinions on things. What ever happened to free speech!!!
So you don't think the quote

"if you see frogs/toads in your pond....get them out ASAP as they carry diseases that will spread to the fish"

Maybe you should put "in my opinion, frogs and toads can carry a parasite that could, if the fish are at their lowest ebb, cause problems"....not get all frogs out of all fish ponds asap or there will be no coldwater fish left in this world by summer. 9 year old daughter could join a koi club and my mate up the road who thinks fish should only be kept with chips could join the BKKS. They mean diddly-squat to me.

As for free speech....well you carry on stating alarmist comments like above
When you know people who have had problems with trichodina in the past and you see what it can do yes you do tell people to get frogs out asap.

Get off your high horse - koi keeping is a subjective hobby and many people have different views.

That is the last I am going to say, now I hope you're happy that I am truly upset with your comments and its people like you who spoil it for everyone else on AB.
Yours wasn't a was a statement and it was grossly misleading to people who don't know a lot about ponds. It was completely subjective.

I couldn't give an absolute toss if you're upset....i hate misleading and poor advice being given out to people who don't know any better.

What would happen now if everyone on here who owns a pond with a few goldfish in starts clearing their ponds of frogs and toads....and they tell their mates to do the same. What about the frogs and toads that get into the pond and go unnoticed or can't be caught ??????????????????
You really are going over the top now. I stand by what I said that if someone has a pond with frogs in it then they should remove them.

I also think you are underestimating AB users and probably think that they don't have a mind of their own to research comments made on this site.

Read the disclaimer at the top of each section!
I thought you'd made your last post on this.

You see even your last comment was flawed....what if people have wildlife ponds with no fish in....should they still remove frogs...your comment suggests they should.

Where are they going to breed ?...or live when it gets too hot ?

I tell you what Hammerman I am going to take a leaf out of your OTT book and say why don't you lock me up and throw away the key as I have committed such a heanous crime and I deserved to be punished.

I don't see what your MAJOR problem is and I really think that you need to find something more fulfilling in life than tearing strips off someone who has innocently typed something you don't agree with.

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