A dog outside wanting to get inside from the freezing cold

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Tha-Flash | 17:08 Sat 29th Dec 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I woke up late today but I heard this crying outside the back. I think I've heard this before, it's always on a Saturday.

I can see and hear from my bedroom window, this dog crying, it keeps crying but I don't think anybody is home. I think I can hear it now also.

What kind of people buy a dog and stick it outside for hours in the freezing cold?

It seems really unfair on the dog, what can I do about this?


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I would get in touch with the RSPCA as soon as possible. It makes me so mad how some people treat their animals.
So I assume it has no shelter, no food, and possibly no water either? The kind of people that have these dogs think it is a good idea at the time when they see a small cuddly puppy, then soon get fed up of it when it grows into an adult, and brings dirt into the house, so like a toy, it is discarded.

I would go and bring it in my house, wait for the owners to come back, ask if them if they want the dog, and if they dont keep it or find a forever home............but thats me!!
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The people are home now, I think the dog is in but it was pretty windy before. I can't see whether the dog had food/water.
Hi Tha - Flash,
You could put a letter through their door explaining that this occurence is happening too often and you have made a report to the RSPCA about times/dates etc.
Call their bluff???
Hi Tha-Flash, if this is a regular occurrence with this poor dog, you need to get in -touch with the R.S.P.C.A , A.S.A.P, I Despise cruelty, or bad handling, of animals.
Good luck, best wishes, megan. xx
The RSPCA will have no interest unless you see the dog actually being physically harmed. If the dog has food / water / shelter they will not want to know, no matter what the temperatures are. I rang them 3 times about my neighbours dog and they didnt want to know. 6 months later it died. Their words to me were, "have you actually seen them harm the dog?" when I said " but..." they said basically I had to ring when I had, so really they wont do anything til its too late. I cancelled my direct debit with them the day that poor dog died. Regarding your situation, write them a note, anonomous if need be. Animals dont have a voice so we need to be it for them. Good luck x
Your best bet would be your local dog warden (contact them through the Environmental Health Dept. of your local council).

You could also complain about noise disturbance to them and they may take action that way.

As Twinkle17 says the RSPCA are usually little help.
I rang the RSPCA about a cat I heard calling in distress.... it was soaking wet and stuck under a parked car.

After I had brought the cat indoors, I rang them and they came and got it.

The RSPCA aren't that bad imo.

I suppose it depends on how you handle them eh???......

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A dog outside wanting to get inside from the freezing cold

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