Cat with rumbling tummy - update

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bensmum | 16:25 Sat 29th Dec 2007 | Animals & Nature
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A couple of weeks ago I asked if anyone had come across this before. I took Florence to the vet for her MOT yesterday and, as suspected, her remaining bit of thyroid is causing trouble so she is back on the tablets. Blood tests have confirmed that everything else is okay which for a 17 year old is good. Evidently, while not as common in cats as in dogs, the rumbling tummy is not unknown. It happens after she has been sick and because an over-active thyroid causes everything to go into overdrive the digestive system is working faster hence the noises! There is a scientific name which sounds like a tummy rumbling but I can't remember it!


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One of my dog gets a rumbling tummy if she eats something different to her daily diet that doesnt suit her, but it is nothing to do with her thyroid and I have found a supplement that clears it up. Sorry, I have not heard of it in cats.
The scientific term is borborygmus!

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Cat with rumbling tummy - update

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