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wiggal | 13:23 Fri 09th Nov 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Hi all,

I have just picked up my weekly copy of Take A Break (Im a magazine addict!) and have just read inside a story by Nicola Collinson, the girl who recently punched and drop kicked the little kitten in the street and had it filmed by her mate.
She has claimed it was because she was so drunk she didnt know what she was doing.
One of the comments at the end that was in the press from someone who had written in and it said *amazing, you were so drunk you didnt know what you were doing, yet you managed to aim perfectly for the cat twice!* which I think is a very good point!
I just think it is disgusting that she has been allowed to grovel to the nation in such a way and think that by saying she had a tough time and was drunk is so wrong!
Claims shes an animal lover? Even people I know who can not stand cats would never ever dream of doing something like that, no matter how down they felt!!!

Sorry, just felt compelled to post after reading it as wound me up so much!
Wiggal x


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I'm stone cold sober, but I'd just love to pick her up and drop kick her a few times-------------------------just because I feel like it!
She is a horrible person who should not be given the chance for redemption through the media, and her mate is just as sick as she is.
I hope she didn't get paid for her story,a donation to the RSPCA would have been appropriate.I'm with horsetache1 on this,i'd dearly love to drop kick her and her scummy mate who filmed it.
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She said when she woke the next morning and realised what she had done, she felt really ashamed an terrible, spoke to her friend to tell her to delete the film, but she, even when sober found it really funny so sent to out to mates!

I should hope she felt ashamed and dreadful for what she has done, but if what she says is true, and her friend found it funny when sober, she should of been dragged to court aswell!! 86894.stm

Another sick b*****d who needs a good slap.
Thats awful daffy some people are just sick, it would never even occur to me to do something like that
She's 100% evil, and if i was the owner of that kitten i'd hunt her down and beat the living daylights out of her!.

I applaud the men who beat her up for doing what she did.

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Nicola Collinson....

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