What breed of dog shall i get?

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Tallulah. | 22:17 Thu 08th Nov 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Me and my partner are looking to buy a dog. What breeds are the most loyal with the best personality. Im only small so big dogs are out the question.

Also any dog names suggestions would be good as i refuse to name him "Tyson" like my partner suggests!


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hi tallulah, i like yorkshire terriers, a little toy one , they don't don't moult so theres no hairs all over your house, do shop about though as some are a bit yappy, i looked at 3 before i found mine!!! don't fall in love with the 1st one you see.
Not sure you should choose a dog based on your size alone. Many larger dogs have very peaceful personalities. Old English SheepDog, Labs, Bearded Collie to name a few.

Stand in a field and shout verious names until you dont sound stupid and you will have found one.
Weimeraner! They are medium to large but if you get a female and if she is the runt of the litter she won't be too big

They are beautiful... basically the same body of a dalmation but their coat is greyish. They are short hair also. I have one.... Bailey!
Hi, you can't beat a Boxer, as with all dogs once they are trained you can handle any size dog
I like Border Collies, they're clever and loyal. They generally have an excellent personality, although everyone is different . As regards to size you could control a well behaved St. Bernard but not a naughty small dog. Re names I've had Sheba, Laddie, Corrie, Nellie, Meg, Susie, Blackie, Rex, over the years (to name a few). Happy dog hunting!
I agree with west ham fan,boxers are great :o)
Terriers... they're small and cute, I'd name him snowy (if he's white/grey)
Springer spaniels or boxers
I have a cocker spaniel and they are such loveing dogs and they are good with kids
Go to a rescue centre and the dog will choose you, you will also feel so good about what you have just done, and believe me the dog will love you for ever.

The you can call him/her rescue, lucky, gotya etc. I know others on here will come up with better names, but at least you have a start.

Good luck
Why, the answer is obvious - a border collie of course! You know, the black and white sheepdog. Not big, but not tiny and yappy like these annoying toy breeds. Very friendly and loyal, good natured and a perfect family pet.

As for a name - name after where the dog comes from. I had a border collie for 17 years. We bought her in Kilmarnock so we called her Killie (a native of Kilmarnock).

Go for it, Tallulah - get out there and get that border collie.
Try visiting this site
it might help you choose
We saved a Black Labrador just arrived at a rescue centre; all skin & bone, he thinks he has died and gone to heaven and is the love of our life. Go down this route and you will get all the loyalty and love, furthermore it will mean so much more to you knowing how you earned such friendship.
We got a rescue ;) from here... scroll down and take a look at all the dogs.... we drove 300 miles each way lol to get our mutt and now support this rescue. okingforhomes.htm
Hi Tallulah.
In thepast I have always had Labrador Retrievers, but having lost my last one with cancer, I wanted a smaller one because I am getting on in years! I got a Cairn Terrier bitch, and she is the most loyal and loveable little dog I have ever seen, with so much character and very independent. Having said that, a small dog from a rescue centre who is young enough to train (or may even have been trained) could prove a lifelong friend.
Whichever breed of dog you choose, you need to spend a lot of time with it as part of the family and you will be well rewarded!
Retired greyhound.

Very placid and extremely lazy.

Only have a border collie if you want to walk for 30 miles a day lol
oh gawd... I want to go and get Storm now!!!
My next dog is going to be called flash

Go get em.....
It very much depends where you live and how you plan to excercise the dog. I see someone reccomended a springer spaniel. These are not the easiest dogs to keep (I should add that they are my all time favourite breed) as can need a lot of attention and excercise. Collies also are bred for working (and again I know what I'm talking about as have 3 working ones myself) and need to be involved in some activity. They are great for agility but need excercise.

As with everything in life, no two animals are the same and what appeals to one person may not to another. I think the suggestion of going to a rescue center and seing what is there is a great idea. You will see what breeds appeal to you.
Depends on what time you have , my fave dog was a mini shnauzer , lively , very loyal and good temperament , my current dog is a cavalier king charles, again lovely , very loyal and good with kids and quite lively ,
My first dog was called "ted" and my cavvy is "Ramsey "

The beauty about smaller dogs is they don't smell as a big dog can , and they can sit on yer lap, Any dog is good for you , when your day has been awfull, they are always happy to see you

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