weaning & toilet training kittens

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tia82 | 12:04 Mon 02nd Jul 2007 | Animals & Nature
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MY cats kitten is now just over 3 weeks. He was the only one in the litter so is quite a big boy for his age!
Was just wondering if anyone knew when would be the best time to introduce a litter tray to his box so that his mum can toilet train him. I was thinking probably next week. Also when would be the best time to introduce a little bit of solid food? I was told it should be at around 4 weeks but wanted to make sure this was right. He is staying with me untill he is 10 weeks old and a new home has already been arranged for him.


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Hi tia82, My cat had 3 kittens they are 9 weeks old now, 2 went to good homes on Saturday and i have 1 left at the moment, i introduced them to solid food at around 4 1/2 to 5 weeks old though 1 did need a bit of encouragement, i put a litter tray out for them as soon as they started climbing out of their box, sometimes they used it but most of the time they used their Mums litter tray which i have heard is normal as they learn from Mum, Hope this helps, Good Luck.
Yes, you should put out a litter tray now and they will use it as soon as they are big enough to climb into it. Make sure that it has shallow sides. You can introduce sold food at 4 - 5 weeks. Start with something very runny - most kittens like evaporated milk diluted with water. If you are feeding wet food mix it with a little tepid water to start with and mash it up well. Only put out a very little at a time and increase gradually. Good Luck!

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weaning & toilet training kittens

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