what good are Flies??

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True Blue 36 | 22:33 Mon 18th Jun 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Can anyone tell me what the purpose of a fly is?? Any good points? Why are there so many?
I suppose you could say the maggot is good for eating rotten tissue, but is that it.


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we be up to a necks in crap without em
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see that makes me hate them even more - dirty dirty yukky things, but v true
You've already answered your own question. No maggots means loads of rotten tissue that promotes diseases.
They are part of the food chain
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i wish they would eat somewhere else and not in my house!!!
They are a part of the food chain as mentioned and they do help pollonate certain plants.
You appear to be under the impression that if a creature as no specific purpose it shouldn't be here!!

Why are we here? apart from creating millions of tons of sh1t and rubbish to keep the fly population thriving.

They are unhealthy little critters I know, one minute they are feeding off a stinking dog turd outside your front door and then they are walking over your dinner!!

Yum Yum!!!!
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i really dont mind things exsisting with no purpose, but it is the health reason i can't stand. As you say one minute turd next my dinner! And there is just so many of them. As i am typing this a blue bottle has just come in my patio door and straight on my breakfast plate!!!!!!!!!!!!
what purpose does anything have on this planet. what is our purpose - all we're doing is destroying the place
Good for nothing as far as I'm concerned - they're disgusting creatures!

I have to look away when I see flies settle on dog poo & when owner's allow their dogs to lick their faces - even more disgusting!
Just read your post Ratter - great minds think alike!
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i was nearly sick at Ratters picture, can't look again.

So next question - if you ate a sandwich with eggs on it, would they hatch in your belly or be digested?????

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what good are Flies??

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