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BeeVeeEn | 16:40 Thu 24th May 2007 | Animals & Nature
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We've just gotten a 3 month old male Shih-tzu puppy, when we picked him up the owner said we would not be allowed to get him groomed (i.e. clipped) until he was 9 months old. Does anyone know if this is right or not? Now the weather is warmer it seems unfair to leave him with a long coat!



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Why get a long coated breed then have it clipped? It is a fallacy that a long coat makes a dog hot., its like having your hair cut. They are clipped just for the owners convenience, and I have to say they don't look anywhere near as cute as they do if properly coated and groomed.

However, if you did want him clipped, its up to you when you get it done, although there would not be much point until he had his adult coat anyway.

Lankeela is spot on as usual.Buy yourself a decent comb & brush & do him yourself. Start while he's young so he gets used to it & it will keep him looking good for very little cost. Max my GSD gets between 1�-2hrs grooming everyday, it's a pain in the arse sometimes but he he really looks the business, tho I say so myself
2 hrs a day - that sounds a lot of grooming on a daily basis for one dog. I have a medium/large long haired breed and find twice weekly grooming all over which takes around 20 minutes, and a daily check with the comb behind their ears is more than sufficient - If I brushed all mine every day I wouldnt have time to do anything else, and I dont think it warrants it, my neighbours think my dogs look like they have just been brushed and I spend hours, whereas in fact I dont. I can spend 3 hours or so if getting ready for a show, but that includes a bath, feet trimming and filing of nails.

I must say that we have a medium-coated small Border Collie, and after my friend offered to clip him last year in the height of summer, we noticed that he seemed much more comfortable.

His coat length isn't an issue for me-we have a brush for him, and a hoover for us! And one of those sticky rollers to get the hair off visitors! But we invested in some clippers this time round, and trimmed the bulk of his body hair, leaving his face and tail (as if he'd let me near either end with a set of clippers anyway!) He seems to feel better in himself for it: his previous two summers he seemed itchy and irritated (and yes, he and the house are flead regularly!) but once he had been clipped that subsided.

I suppose it's a personal choice really-as I said it isn't a convenience issue for me, ,it's just what seems right for my dog. Not sure why you would have to wait, from what I hear, the earlier the better to get them accustomed to grooming and handling.

A big pet for your pup!
Lisa x
Clipping a border collie! Now we agree on most things Lisa, but sorry, not this time! They manage to work all day every day with a full coat, be it sheep, agility, obedience or showing (which is often done on hot days, in full sun) and I have never yet seen a clipped border collie. OK if there is a medical reason to do it, but poor lad must be so embarrassed when he goes out! They are double coated with a layer of insulation between the top coat and under coat, and this keeps them cool in summer and warm in winter. Sorry, but we will have to agree to disagree on this one!
Just out of interest, here's the coat clause of the breed standard:

Two varieties: 1) Moderately long; 2) Smooth. In both, topcoat dense and medium textured, undercoat soft and dense giving good weather resistance. In moderately long-coated variety, abundant coat forms mane, breeching and brush. On face, ears, forelegs (except for feather), hindlegs from hock to ground, hair should be short and smooth.

lol lankeela. Oh dear! Well I had a chat with him, and he assured me that he's not made fun of in the park! He isn't shaved, poodle-style! Just a little shorter. I keep his tail and his lovely lovely neck and head fur. I understand that it's "six of one", really, but he just comes across as feeling more comfortable. Less irritated. I will admit that when I asked for a quote from a local groomer, she said they wouldn't clip a Collie coat. I am pleased you've already agreed to disagree, or this could become a contentious issue! ;)

He is a very handsome boy, and I wouldn't jeopardise that, but he is by no means a Kennel Club-class Collie (he is smaller than the average, and is a little more white than black). But to me, there isn't a more beautiful dog!

I wish I could post a picture (even if your dogs would just laugh t him, lankeela!!!)

Woof :) Lisa x
BeeVeeEn ~~ I have owned several breeds of long haired dogs in my life time (and that's a long one) but not a Shih Tzu. However, I am almost sure that until she is 9 months old, she would be able to have, what is known as, A Puppy Cut.

I have read the for and against replies on cutting dogs and must say that the dogs I have had, have all appreciated their cuts. Few of us can spend hours grooming our dogs daily and if left for more than a day without grooming, the hair can soon become matted and very uncomfortable for the dogs. Also, if the hair around the anus is not kept short, any residue can soon turn to cement ~~ if you know what I mean ~~ if the area were not kept washed each day.

Long hair on the ears have a tendancy to turn back into the inside of the ear. This causes much irritation for the dog and can be the cause of further ear problems.

If I were you I would talk to your local Vet about the pros and cons of having your breed of dog cut. He will tell you what is best for your dog.....which after all, is what all concerned and loving dog owners want.
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Thanks all for your input. To be honest its not a thing to get out of grooming the little fella, i quite enjoy brushing him, and he likes it too, but his hair is getting in his eyes and the fur around his back legs and bum are very prone to matting. I know there are supposed to be 2 appropriate lengths for a shih tzu the natural, long "standard cut"and the shorter "summer cut", but we don't intend to show him or anything so its all about what we think might be best for him.
why dont you put his hair in a top knot to stop it going in his eyes
you may find this article interesting

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