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flipflop104 | 13:13 Tue 08th May 2007 | Animals & Nature
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I've acquired (am fostering) an 8 week old kitten until I can find a home for him (except I'll probably end up keeping him myself if I can integrate him with my two).

The problem is he seems to be really hungry but won't eat the kitten meat or kitten biscuits (moistened to soften them) that I have put down for him.

I went in to see him this morning and he really wanted my Ready Brek but I make mine with cows milk which isn't good for cats (is it?).
What else could I give him to eat - he refused the Ready Brek I made, especially for him, with water.

And how can I get him to eat "normal" kitten food?

My cats are 6 and 8 (and I got them when they were very young adults - 1 year old) so it's ages since i had a kitten in the house and I can't remember stuff.


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Try it with goats milk if you can get some, other than than I'd give him some with the cows milk just to get some food into him. I have always given cats milk, although I know its supposed to be too rich they have always been ok on it. You could also try some lactol or lamlac, powdered milk which you add water to.

Poor baby is probably having trouble digesting solids - I'd get the vet to check him too.
I buy my cat Whiska's (or Felix or supermarket own-brand) milk. She loves it. She goes through phases of eating and not eating so at least if she has the milk she's getting some calories. Just check the instructions on the bottle; I have a sneaking suspicion that your little one is too young at the moment.
How much food are you giving him in one go? 2 teaspoons per meal should be enough.
they say cats cant have normal milk but my cat was 19 when he died and had milk all through his life.
The problem with fussy cats is that they could be training you so that you will feed their favourite foods on demand.

But as you realise he is still a baby.

As long as he is getting some food and water just see how things progress.

if you water the cows milk down it will not hurt the kitten my cats drink watered down cows milk all the time and it hasnt hurt them please do not molly colly them they are stronger than you think i have kept cats for 20 years and nothing has happened to ,my cats treat them like humans because they are very inteligent
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It's ok - I asked someone I know at the Cats protection league and you shouldn't give them cows milk at 8 weeks - will give them diaorrhea (sp?).

I have given him chicken breast chopped up really small with a few drops of water on it and mushed up.

I then have to gradually start adding kitten pate and reducing the amount of chicken until he is weaned off chicken and onto kitten pate.

Their stomachs are very delicate at this age and if they get diaorrhea they can get poorly quite quickly and it's hard to get rid of.

Thanx for all your replies though

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Fussy kitten

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