How much do rabbits and squirrels fart

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CUFC Parrot | 23:26 Sun 29th Apr 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Just been on a website talking about the benefits of offsetting your carbon footprint by planting trees. It says the average person needs to plant 10 trees per year and that over the period of a trees life (100 years) it will have a positive balance of 730KG. It also lists one of the benefits of planting trees is that it helps provide habitat for wildlife. Surley by providing habbitat for wildlife, the wildlife will also generate a (very small x 100 year) carbon footprint of some kind, because they eat and fart, then die and decompose. By planting a tree will I just be offsetting a 100 years of squirrels and rabbits carbon footprint rather than my own?


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How much do rabbits and squirrels fart

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