dogs getting stuck after mating

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kitchy | 15:25 Sat 28th Apr 2007 | Animals & Nature
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How do you "unstick" dogs after mating and how long does it last?


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They will always unstick themselves. It is normal and you should not interfere. It can last for up to 20 minutes or so.
It is called a tie, and is perfectly natural. The dogs will usually turn back to back which goes back to their days in the wild, to protect them from attack whilst in a vulnerable position. The dog swells up inside the bitch who in turn grips the dog so he cannot get out, and you must not interfere otherwise you can do serious damage to both dog and bitch (and get severely bitten in the process).

It can last anything up to 2 hours (or even longer) but the usual is about 15 - 30 minutes. It is not necessary for them to have a tie to produce puppies, you can get a 'slip mating'.

So it is fallacy to chuck a bucket of water over them!
doggy style
I think a bucket of cold water would stop me pretty quick!!!!
A vet got a phone call while he was in bed making love to his wife. An anxious client wanted to know how to 'separate' his dog and bitch as they were 'stuck together'. The vet replied that they should place the telephone next to the two dogs and wait for it to ring. Would this work asked the anxious owner, well it sure as hell stopped me said the vet!
I breed Labradors and actually assist at this "tie" stage, it is quite tiring and the bitch will try to pull away and this could cause lots of damage so when they actually turn back to back it helps to try and talk to them reassuringly and try to coax her to keep still. The break is quite sudden so be carefull it can get a bit messy!!
I always make sure the bitch has a collar and short lead on, so you can hold her steady otherwise the dog can be dragged all over the place, and with small dogs they usually head for under the sofa! This also stops the dog getting tired out if the bitch is giving him the run around before they mate and tie.
i remember the first time i see my male collie get stuck to another dog i was only young and thought it was the funniest thing ever, then a bucket of water seemed to have apeared from no where and they soon become un attached, a bucket of water seemed to do the trick and dont take long

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dogs getting stuck after mating

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