Cat with knots and matted fur

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Lindy66 | 22:22 Mon 19th Mar 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Does anyone know any tips of how to get knots and tuffs out of a cats fur.
We groom her on a regular basis but still gets quite a few knots and matted fur.
Tried to use a comb I got from a pet shop designed to getting tuffs out but she doesnt like it and attacks and gets in a panic, tried to clip them out carefully with scissors but same thing happens.
Ideas anyone ?


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Our cat Tinka went like that, took her to the vet who showed us that we were being too gentle with the comb, hold cat firmly[probably under protest] and tug comb like you would for human hair. It took our vet about 20 mins to do the lot and enough fur on the floor to knit a jumper ! he did say that if he couldnt do it then he would have to knock her out and shave the knots, luckily we didnt have to do this. He also gave her a thorough examination because he said when cats dont look after themselves properly there is usually a health reason, but I am glad to add he did not find anyhting wrong with her.Since then we have managed to keep her groomed ourselves.Good luck.
I have just got a long haired cat and find that she matts really easily. I sit and ease the hair apart. Some times I think that giving her a skinhead would be simpler.

It is a never ending chore.
My cat's long haired but I'm lucky as he pretty much keeps himself unmatted although he does get the odd dreadlock under his arms - I think he gets sweaty pits!! Basically a two person job - one person to hold him firmly while the other brushes the necessary bits.
I can empathise, brushing a dog with matts is not easy, but cats can be quite a big problem. When you have got her completely matt free, I think you should groom her daily with a soft bristle brush - my father grooms his cat every few days and he isnt long haired, but does it in such a way that the cat doesnt notice as he thinks he is being stroked. If you need to get matts out to start with, it is best to get help, someone to hold her by the neck, and get her legs wrapped in a towel. I know this sounds harsh, but I think the only way.
hi i have a persan cat with long thick fur i use a small amount of baby powder to dust his fur and then tease the knots out with the powder the comb gently glides throw his fur hope this s useful for you
I've found a 'slicker' brush works on getting really badly matted knots out of my semi-LH's fur. It's like a brush which has lots of fine metal bristles, slightly bent in one direction. This teases out the knot.
Like wolf63 says, you could always gently pull a knot apart with your fingers, then comb out.

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Cat with knots and matted fur

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