Cat running the marathon

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ATB_roo | 20:47 Mon 19th Mar 2007 | Animals & Nature
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Would my normal domestic cat be able to beat my mother running a marathon, bearing in mind that my mother will complete the marathon in 3hrs 45 mins?


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One of my cats is the fastest thing i think ive ever seen! She could beat anyone or anything, especially at chase the laser game!
But her son, who is 9 months, is the slowest dopiest cat going! he gets halfway through playing or attacking something (normally a foot) and keels over sideways and just sleeps! Hes still a kitten but he just sleeps none stop!
So i suppose it depends what your cat is like :)
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Well, my cat is pretty fast. She's small and agile which could play to her advantage in a scenerio such as this. I'm just not sure whether she could keep up her speed for the full 26 miles.
All species of cats are pretty fast because they need that to catch their prey. Their stamina however is very shortlived.

There is no way a domestic cat could beat a human over a long distance such as a marathon.
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I see what you're proposing and I agree that a cat could probably not keep up the speed for 26 miles. However, would a tortoise and the hare situation come into play i.e. would my cat's short but fast burst and then rests be able to beat my mother's slower but steady pace?
I don't think so. Your mother would be running at say 7mph.

A cat could probably sprint at 20mph for 5 second but in a realistic situation, to keep up with your mother the cat must run at 14mph for one minute (which I doubt it could) but would only be able to rest for one minute to recover before your mother catches up with it. I really think that after a couple of those 2 minute stints the cat would become very distressed and be unable to continue.

A cat is just not designed to run for a great distance.
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Thanks, you have been really helpful. I don't think i'll put it to the test!

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Cat running the marathon

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